2019 IEEE Boise Section Fall Picnic

Free IEEE Boise Section fall picnic catered by Boise student branches. Family and friends are welcome. Location: Bldg: Shelter site KA Municipal Park 500 S Walnut St Boise, Idaho 83712


This presentation is an overview of IEEE Standard 1547. We will discuss interconnection and interoperability of distributed energy resources and the benefits they can provide to distribution and transmission systems…. Read more

Robotics for Industry

Learn about the state of robotics and automation plus the biggest challenges facing robotics development today. Presented by Toyota Advanced Logistics (Bastien Solutions) roboticists working from their laboratory right here… Read more

People Skills for Engineers

Co-sponsored by: Boise State University (ECE380 class) Most engineers do not receive adequate people skills training in school or on the job. As a result, many engineers are grossly underprepared… Read more

Three generations of retro machines

Co-sponsored by: IEEE Boise Computer Society Presentation for three generations of retro machines from one of the original developers of the Atari and Amiga. Speaker(s): Joe Decuir, Agenda: 3:45PM-4:00PM Networking… Read more

Pahsimeroi Fish Hatchery Upgrades

Co-sponsored by: MBussert@Idahopower.com : This presentation will focus on recent construction of two fish ladders and an adult steelhead and salmon barrier weir at Idaho Power’s Pahsimeroi Hatchery. Speaker(s): Jerrod… Read more

Boise OpCom

Monthly meeting Agenda: Budget review Event planning Review and comments on growing our community activities Other items Location: Boise, Idaho

vTools tutorial

*** Training event for new chapter officers. Q: contact Chris Gunning (cgunning@ieee.org) *** Speaker(s): Chris, Location: Boise, Idaho

Quantum Computing: A Tutorial Survey

*** Demo event for showing new vTools @Event feature. Q: contact Chris Gunning (cgunning@ieee.org) *** Quantum computing could dramatically improve computational efficiency for particular tasks. A number of physical systems,… Read more

Inverter-Based Resources: Hold On!

Co-sponsored by: John Stubban The interconnected power system in the U.S. has experienced the addition of increasing amounts of inverter-based generation resources over the past several years.  In particular, a… Read more