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Centennial Celebration February 2004

The IEEE Baltimore Section celebrated its centennial year in 2004. Below is a summary of our section’s history and links to the celebration that was held in the Baltimore Section’s honor as well as other related links.

Baltimore Section Historical Notes

Originally Prepared: January 30, 2004

Chris Nemarich

Updated September 18, 2016

The American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) was founded on May 13, 1884 in New York and quickly gained recognition as a representative for American electrical engineers. The Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was formed from two largely local organizations, the ‘Society of Wireless and Telegraph Engineers’ and the ‘Wireless Institute’.

The Baltimore Section of the AIEE was founded on December 16, 1904. In the 1950’s, the Baltimore Section was part of Region 3 in the AIEE.

The structural development and general activities of the IRE were similar to those of the AIEE. Many of the original members of the IRE were members of the AIEE and both organizations continued to have members in common until they merged.

In 1961, the leadership of both the IRE and the AIEE resolved to seek an end to these difficulties through consolidation. The next year a merger plan was formulated and approved and became effective on 1 January 1963. The Baltimore Section IEEE was formed in January 1963. It had 2 Subsections, Annapolis and Eastern Shore. The Section was part of Region 2.

The Eastern Shore Subsection became a Section in 1972.

The Eastern Shore Section was disbanded in 1999 and was folded back into the Baltimore Section.

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