We organize technical talks and workshops with distinguished lecturers on topics related to geoscience and remote sensing. Joint lectures with partner organizations and seminar series in Algeria are encouraged.

Our goal is to maintain and expand the professional network of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Members in Algeria, to combine and complement networking efforts of existing remote sensing networks in Algeria, and to provide a vertical link to the international IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS).

MISSION : The Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society seeks to advance science and technology in geoscience, remote sensing and related fields using conferences, education, and other resources.

Fields of Interest :The fields of interest of the Society are the theory, concepts, and techniques of science and engineering as they apply to the remote sensing of the Earth, oceans, atmosphere, and space, as well as the processing, interpretation and dissemination of this information.
· Remote Sensing of Land and Surface Processes
· Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Oceans
· Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere
· Remote Sensing of Solid Earth and Geodynamic Processes
· Remote Sensing and Mitigation of Natural Disasters
· Remote Sensing Analysis Techniques
· Electromagnetics and Radiative Transfer
· Sensors and Platforms
· Education and Policy