Executive Committee

Chair: Dr. Boularbah SOUISSI
Associate Professor
Telecommunication Department
Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Science and Technology Houari Boumedienne
Algiers, Algeria
Email: b.souissi@yahoo.com

Vice Chair: Dr. Moussa Sofiane Karoui
Head of the Earth Observation research DepartmentCentre des Techniques Spatiales / Agence Spatiale Algérienne Arzew, Algeria
Email: sofiane.karoui@irap.omp.eu

Secratary: Dr. Abdelhamid DAAMOUCHE
Associate Professor
LSS Laboratory
Electronics Department
UMBB University, Boumerdes
Email: ahdaamouche@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Dr. Mohamed CHAOULI
Ziane Achour University, Djelfa
Email: chaouli.med@gmail.com