Web Hosting Policy

The IEEE EWH system is Web hosting, not Web design. Web hosting is the behind-the-scenes service that involves the year-round system administration of a Web server (hardware) connected to the Internet. Web hosting also involves supporting new and emerging technologies that are being developed for the Web, and providing the technical assistance that enables the Web designers to implement these enhancements.

What we offer:

IEEE offers WordPress hosting only to IEEE Organizational Units and their sponsored activities. IEEE does not manage the content of IEEE-hosted sites. Each site has its own Webmaster and it is up to the designated Webmaster to manage their own content.

EWH Use Policy:

This document provides a general understanding of the IEEE’s policy on the Appropriate Use of the EWH services. Common sense and judgement are a necessary part of any system of rules, and this Policy is no exception. Our Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) is designed to help protect our members, and the Internet community, from irresponsible or illegal activities. As good net citizens, we prohibit the impersonation of others, unsolicited commercial appeals, and any disruption of Internet services.

Data collections:

The capturing of credit card information is not permitted on this server. Any accounts in violation will be deleted immediately.


Attempt to impersonate anyone is prohibited.

Outdated websites:

IEEE Staff reserve the right to deactivate websites if they have not been updated for one year or more. Prior to site de-activation, the Webmaster on record and/or other appropriate Volunteers will be advised of possible alternatives (such as WebInABox) and given a two-week period to respond with a plan to update or deactivate.

Privacy violations:

Attempts, whether successful or not, to gain access to any computer system, or customer’s data, without consent is prohibited. The IEEE makes no guarantee and assumes no liability for the security of any data on any server including “secure servers.” No computer system should be considered safe from intrusion. Even encrypted information is only as secure as the encryption method.


The SSL service is to be used to add an additional layer of security. Its presence does not imply that credit card processing is permitted. Credit card processing is NOT permitted.

Adverse network activity:

Activities which adversely affect the ability of other people or systems to use IEEE services or the Internet is prohibited.

Excessive disk utilization:

The EWH account description specifies limits on disk utilization and use. Exceeding those limits is not permitted. Disk utilization is determined by the total number of bytes required to store an account’s Web, and FTP data. In the event the IEEE determines that an account is exceeding the bandwidth or disk utilization, the account owner will be notified by e-mail. If excessive bandwidth or disk space utilization is determined to adversely affect the IEEE’s ability to provide service, immediate action will be taken. The account owner will be notified by e-mail as soon as practical. The disk limit for Regions, Societies and Technical Councils is 1 GB. The disk limit for Sections, IEEE Board Level Committees and Geographic Councils is 500MB


It may be necessary for IEEE staff to examine system accounting logs and other records to resolve system problems. The IEEE reserves the right to access any account’s directories to investigate and/or resolve system problems. The Section webmaster will be notified if changes are required.In addition, the IEEE will cooperate with the appropriate legal authorities in investigating claims if illegal activity including but not limited to illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, postings, or other illegal activity. The IEEE does not monitor the activity of accounts except for measurements of system utilization and other Internet statistics, such as directory size, system hits, etc. However, in our efforts to promote good citizenship within the Internet community, if we become aware of inappropriate use of the EWH service, we will respond. The IEEE reserves the right to terminate service without notice. Our preferred course of action would be to advise the account owner of the inappropriate behavior and corrective action necessary. However, flagrant violations will result in immediate termination of service.


We reserve Mondays for performing maintenance when necessary. If we expect downtime of more than 5 minutes, we will contact webmasters within 48 hours prior to performing maintenance work.

Our priority is to keep our systems updated with security fixes. As such, we cannot be responsible for ads hosted on our servers that may be impacted by a system or plugin upgrade.

Final Notes

This document is subject to ongoing review and modifications.