About Us

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.

Local Organising Committee

2022 Committee

Chair: Ishita Akhtar
Vice Chair: Maneesha Perera
Treasurer: Ruwini Edirisinghe
Secretary: Lakna Liyanarachchi

Webmaster: Rashindrie Perera
Activity Organiser: Ifrah Saeed

Mentors: Fatemeh Jalali, Subhashi Jayasekara, Annick Boghossian 

Former Committees

2020-2021 Committee

Chair: Soheila Ghane Ezabadi
Vice-chair: Subhashi Jayasekara
Treasurer: Priya Rani
Secretary: Ruwangi Fernando

Event manager: Maryam Rahou
Webmaster: Hourieh Khalajzadeh
Publication manager: Gita Pendharkar
Activity Organisers: Maneesha Perera, Rakshitha Godahewa, Fatemeh Jalali

Mentors: Gita Pendharkar & Fatemeh Jalali
Honorary members: Nalika Dona, Eehui Lim, Mehrnaz Shoushtarian, Harmony Yu

2018 – 2019 Committee

Chair: Fatemeh Jalali
Vice-Chair: Nalika Dona
Treasurer: Hongmei(Harmony) Yu
Secretary: Mahsa Salehi

Event Organiser: Bonnie Vong
Webmaster & Event manager: Subhashi Jayasekara
Activity organiser & Publication manager: Audrey Patarroyo Sánchez

2016 Committee

Chair: Nalika Dona
Vice-Chair: Fatemeh Jalali
Treasurer: Marcela Vecino
Secretary: Fatemeh Jalali
Webmaster: Ruwini Edirisinghe

2015 Committee

Chair: Ee Hui Lim
Vice-Chair: Mehrnaz Shoushtarian
Treasurer: Annick Boghossian
Secretary: Nalika Dona
Webmaster: Ruwini Edirisinghe

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