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14th July 2021

MedTech in Australia – The Startup Journey
Dr Michelle Perugini, Dr Elliot Smith, Dr Dean Freestone
Technical Webinar

22nd June 2021

Barriers to the Clinical Implementation of Medical Devices
Ritesh Warty
Technical Webinar

16th March 2021

Human Movement and Joint Biomechanics
A/Prof David Ackland & Dr Elyse Passmore
Technical Webinar


20th October 2020

Saving Mothers & Babies: Developing Diagnostics & Therapeutics To Tackle Major Pregnancy Complication
Prof Stephen Tong
Technical Webinar

7th September 2020

IEEE EMBS Distinguished Lecture: Personalised Epileptic Seizure Forecasting
Prof David Grayden
Technical Webinar


19th November 2019

A Review of Rehabilitation Engineering Education: The Local Context
Dr Lloyd Walker, Dr Iain Brown, Dr Andrew Nunn, Peter Barrett, Bill Contoyannis
Technical Forum at The University of Melbourne

23rd October 2019

Introduction to ECG Signals Analysis
Workshop at The University of Melbourne

9th July 2019

EMBS Victorian Section Member Meetup
Networking Evening at The University of Melbourne


16th November 2018

Developing STEM skills using Arduino and heart rate variability analysis
Workshop delivered at the STEM Education Conference, Deakin University, Geelong.

25th October 2018

Arduinos and Bioelectrical Signals Analysis Workshop
Joint EMBS – Melbourne University Student Branch Workshop

27th July 2018

Delivering Bionic Technologies That Improve Human Health

14th April 2018

Medical Devices, Startups, Entrepreneurship – some thoughts from a biomedical engineer
Joint talk with Melbourne University Student Branch, delivered by Dr Dilpreet Buxi

29th March 2018

Delivering Bionic Technologies That Improve Human Health
Robert Klupacs CEO Bionics Institute and A/Prof James Fallon, Research Director


13th May 2017

Wearable Technology using LilyPad Arudino Workshop at the DATTA Vic annual conference.


17th September 2016

Hearing Focused E-Sewing/Wearable Technology Hackathon

21st June 2016

Interactive Materials in Biomedical Research
Prof Simon Moulton,
Swinburne University

17th May 2016

Current Challenges in Bionic Eye Research
Dr Matt Petoe
Biomedical Research Fellow, Bionics Institute

19th April 2016

Human Stems Cells for Cardiac Repair with Tissue Engineering Approaches
Dr. Shiang Y Lim,
Senior Research Officer, St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

22nd March 2016

Reverse Engineering the Brain: Computer Modelling of Neural Circuits
Dr Dean Freestone
Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne


27th October 2015

Innovations in Respiratory Medicine: Diaphragm Pacing and Mouthpiece Ventilation, Alternatives for Long Term Ventilation
A/Prof Mark Howard
Director Victorian Respiratory Support Service, Austin Health

15th September 2015
Innovations in Applications of Skin Substitutes for Burn-Injured Patients
Dr Heather Cleland
Head of Victorian Adult Burns Service, Alfred Hospital

18th August 2015

Innovations In Applications Of Technology To Prosthetics & Spinal Cord Injury
A/Prof Andrew Nunn
Director, Victorian Spinal Cord Service

21st July 2015

Innovations in Critical Care: Stopping Patients Dying In Hospital – A Systems Engineering Approach
A/Prof Chris Wright
Director, Clinical Programs, Monash University

16th June 2015

Innovations In Replication of Human Anatomical Dissections by 3D Printing: Uses in Education and Research
Professor Paul McMenamin
Director, Centre for Human Anatomy Education, Monash University

4th June 2015

Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring – A Smartphone Perspective
Dr Sasan Adibi
Deakin University, School of Information Technology

19th May 2015

Current Innovations in Abdominal Transplantation
Professor Robert Jones AM
Director of the Victorian Adult and Paediatric Liver Transplant Unit

21st April 2015

Current Technological Innovations in Reproductive Technology: the LifePod Artificial Placenta and Womb
Dr Stephen Bird
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The University of Melbourne

17th March 2015

Current Technological Innovations in Neuroengineering and Medical Bionics
Professor Hugh McDermott
Deputy Director, Bionics Institute of Australia

17th February 2015

Emerging Cardiac Technology, clinical need and engineering evolution
Professor James Cameron
Director, Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre