The IEEE Sweden VT/COM/IT joint chapter is a national branch of the IEEE Societies: Vehicular Technology, Communications, and Information Theory. We aim to maintain and develop the academic and industrial communities in these areas and their relation, with an extra focus on our members.
We organize technical and industrial seminars in varying locations in Sweden with distinguished speakers. These events keep our community up to date on discoveries and trends in our areas and provide networking opportunities. We have also initiated two annual Swedish workshops, The Swedish Communication Technologies Workshop (Swe-CTW) and Workshop on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WWVC), that provide a forum for our members to share their work.
The IEEE societies have recognized these efforts in the form of many awards.

Chapter Awards

IEEE Communications Society: Chapter Achievement Awards (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2020, 2021

IEEE Information Theory Society: Chapter of the Year Awards
2013, 2017, 2023

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society: Chapter of the Year Awards
2016, 2022

Current Chapter Board

Michael Lentmaier, michael.lentmaier@eit.lth.se

Chair, Membership Development and Interface to IT Society

Luis Guillermo Martínez Ballesteros, lgmartinezb@gmail.com

Vice-Chair, Interface to Comsoc and Industry Activities

Jingya Li, jingya.li@ericsson.com

Vice-Chair, Interface to VT Society and Industry Activities

Danyo Danev, danyo.danev@liu.se

Treasurer, Awards Activities, and Interface to IEEE Sweden

Tommy Svensson, tommy.svensson@chalmers.se

Interface to IEEE Sweden

Marija Furdek, furdek@chalmers.se

Online and Social Media Development

Emil Björnson, emil.bjornson@liu.se


Junbeom Kim, ki2@kth.se
Student Activities and Online and Social Media Development

Eren Berk Kama, ebkama@kth.se
Student Activities and Online and Social Media Development