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Siva Uppalapati

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Dhaval Brahmbhatt

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  • CEO, PHYchip Corporation
  • Patent Litigation
  • Licensing & Commercializing Research
  • Legal/Medical Language Interpreter (Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Fijian-Hindi)Mr. Brahmbhatt has over 30 years of experience in a variety of technologies such as Semiconductor Memory (ROM, SRAM, DRAM, Flash/EEPROM/EPROM), internal driver circuits, micro-controllers, programmable logic, high-speed communications, sub-systems/modules, solid state storage and renewable energy technologies as a serial entrepreneur, seasoned executive, technologist, and as a team builder.
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    Mr. Brahmbhatt has successfully built teams from ground-up and has managed teams spread over continents. He is a creative engineer awarded with 11 US patents and is a recognized Technical Expert for over 15 years in IP litigation including areas such as IC memories, logic circuits, driver circuits, controllers, flash memory cards/modules, etc.
  • Mr. Brahmbhatt has worked with leading IP law firms, multi-national companies and patent holding firms. In addition to his Expert Witness experience at US District Court, ITC and the PTAB, Mr. Brahmbhatt has also worked as Technical Expert for a US District Court judge. At National Semiconductor, Mr. Brahmbhatt had P & L responsibility for ~ $150 million NV Memory product line and managed ~ 100 professionals spread over two locations. Being a member of top management team, Mr. Brahmbhatt was sent by the company to top ranking business schools to be trained in marketing strategy, strategic planning and execution. He was also in charge of managing Flash memory technology alliance with Toshiba at National Semiconductor.Mr. Brahmbhatt has hands-on experience of managing people and resources, making business plans, program management and marketing of advanced concept based products & services. He brings many years of experience managing collaborations with international partners such as Asahi-Kasei (Japan), Hyundai (Korea), Toshiba (Japan), Gould Semiconductor (USA), etc. Mr. Brahmbhatt can communicate in six languages and has the experience of working with top level executives in US and international companies.


Kim Parnell

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Secretary & Treasurer

  • Principal & Founder, Parnell Engineering & Consulting (PEC)
  • Expert Witness & Consultant for Litigation in Patents, Medical Devices, Truck & Vehicle RolloverDr. Kim Parnell is Principal and Founder of Parnell Engineering & Consulting (PEC), an engineering consulting firm focusing on providing litigation support as an Expert Witness and engineering support for early stage medical device and technology companies.
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    Kim specializes in the mechanical engineering design and behavior of biomedical devices, shape memory metals, bioabsorbable polymers, electronic/miniature components and Finite Element (FEA) simulation of all types. He consults actively in these areas, as well as in failure analysis and reliability. He is also an expert onHeavy Truck Crashworthiness, automotive collisions, pipeline failures and related issues. He serves as a testifying expert witness in patent litigation (medical device, smartphone, consumer electronics), personal injury accidents, and on heavy-truck crashworthiness.Kim was a full-time Adjunct Faculty at Santa Clara University in Mechanical Engineering from 2010-2012 and a Visiting Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, and is a coach and mentor for the innovative Stanford Biodesign program and a member of the Board of Directors for CSIX Connect. He worked previously for MSC Software, Rubicor Medical, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, SST Systems, ATT Bell Laboratories, Stanford University and General Motors. He holds PhD and MSME degrees from S20tanford University in Mechanical Engineering, a BES from Georgia Tech, and is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer (PE) in the State of California.Dr. Kim Parnell has been a CNSV Director most recently since 2010. He was CNSV Chair in 2008-2009, Vice-Chair in 2006 and a CNSV Director in 2005 and 2007. He was 2011 Chair of the IEEE-SCV (Santa Clara Valley) Section and is IEEE-VTS (Vehicular Technology) Vice-Chair from 2013-Present. Kim is an ASME Fellow, an IEEE Senior Member, and Member of SAE and ASM.
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