Position Name Affiliation Email Address
  Section Chair Dr. Mohammad AlMuhaini KFUPM muhaini@ieee.org
  Vice-Chair for Industrial Relations Eng. Saleh AlAmri GCCELAB saleh.amri@ieee.org
  Vice-Chair for Professional Activities Dr. Mohammad AlGhamdi Saudi Aramco ghamdims@ieee.org
  Secretary Eng. Abdulaziz AlTalhi Saudi Aramco Abdulaziz.altalhi.1@ieee.org
  Treasurer Mr. Abdulaziz Saif Alsaif GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory Abdulaziz.alsaif@gccelab.com
Educational Activities and Conferences Mr. Nidal Nasser Alfaisal UNI imelamin@ieee.org
  Past Chair Mr. Mohammad Dhamen Huawei
  Student Activities Ms. Maiys AlDoghan KFU maiysaldoghan@ieee.org
Membership Development Mr. THamer Alharbi Thamer.Alharbi@ieee.org
  WIE Dr.Amani Alshawi KACST
  YP Ms. Raghad S.Alkhalefah SITE RAlkhalefah@ieee.org
  PR and Webmaster Chair Ms. fai Alsneed PSAU faiibrahim@ieee.org


For any inquiries or questions regarding the section, please contact

Mohammad AlMuhaini – Section Chair

muhaini@ieee.org, 0551098980