15 Benefits of Joining an IEEE Society

IEEE Society Membership

We all get caught up in day-to-day activities where we work, but it’s important to network and expand your base of knowledge in order to bring new thought processes and insights into play. Joining an IEEE Society is one way to ‘broaden your horizons’ and gather new infor

mation to heighten your expertise about product safety design, trends and technical developments.


Members from all over the world collaborate for the advancement of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The IEEE is a diverse organization, encompassing more than 374,000 members active in almost 40 technical societies. IEEE’s Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES) fosters the development and exchange of knowledge by experts in product safety and compliance engineering and promotes scientific, literary, educational and professional aspects designed to benefit members, the profession and humanity.

IEEE PSES is a society that recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary serving the product safety and regulatory profession and the public. There are many benefits to being a member of the IEEE PSES society.

Here are 15 reasons why joining is important:


  1. Be part of a distinguished society at the forefront of product innovation


  1. Access IEEE resources, opportunities and timely information on the world of technology


  1. Compliance forums and top-level discussions—gain access to a virtual community forum for safety engineers and technical professionals


  1. Develop liaison with other IEEE disciplines and subsequent cross-education


  1. 5. Ability to focus on product safety engineering as an applied science


  1. Network with technical experts at Societies, Section activities and local chapters


  1. Access to subject matters restricted to society members


  1. Professional development—Interface/work with other engineering leaders; promote personal career path; and build technical skills


  1. Contribute to teaching, papers, presentations and standards development


  1. Professional satisfaction and prestige (awards, certificates and other local and national recognition)


  1. Product Safety Newsletter and subscription to Consumer Electronics magazine


  1. Discounts on life insurance, travel, credit cards and more


  1. Participate in annual Symposiums with experts from around the world


  1. Camaraderie and a sense of higher purpose


  1. Help create a safer world for future generations


Find more information on membership and additional perks and resources here.

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