HVDC & FACTS Subcommittee IEEE


Welcome to the HVDC & FACTS Subcommittee Website!

The HVDC & FACTS Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the PES Transmission and Distribution Committee and focuses on: the treatment of technology related to direct current and flexible alternating current transmission systems; the applications of power electronic switching equipment and ancillary components to AC and DC transmission systems; the coordination of these systems at the interface between transmission and generation; and the over-all studies of the parameters and performance of such systems.

Much of the work of the Subcommittee is accomplished through various working groups. These groups cover topics such as HVDC/FACTS performance and modeling, economics and operating strategies, education, planning studies, and practical technologies.

A working group that is not under the HVDC/FACTS Subcommittee but covers a topic closely aligned with the focus of the Subcommittee is IEEE P2745 Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Working Group, which is addressing functions, applications, etc., of UPFCs.