Articles can be submitted for inclusion in the eNewsUpdate by sending them to

Instructions for Formatting an Article

Download the article template (.docx)

Please prepare your article following this template. We appreciate MS word files for the article and a separate folder for photographs (.jpg). You may use this instruction set as a template if you are using Microsoft Word 6.0 or later. Please note that the electronic file of your article may be edited and formatted further if necessary. Each article is expected to be prepared as per the instructions provided here to avoid delays in the editorial process. Please select a brief title of your article (preferably less than 50 characters with spaces i.e. 5-6 words). We appreciate a very brief summary of the article focusing on the key message (preferably less than 25 words or 2 lines), which will help the reader to get a quick overview of the article and to decide whether go for viewing the whole article. In some cases, you may select the most attractive or striking lines of your article as a brief summary. In order to facilitate quick viewing of the whole eNewsUpdate by a reader, each article must be concise and presented in an effective way. It is highly recommended to limit the length of an article to a maximum of 400 words including 2 to 3 pictures (.jpg format).

Inside the article, each figure/table must have a caption (preferably less than 15 words or 1 line). We appreciate high-resolution figures which will be center-adjusted in the article. The figures/tables need to be placed inside the detailed description of the article and high-resolution images (.jpg format) corresponding to each figure must be submitted separately. If references are essential for an article, please include them [1] at the end of the article. The name and key affiliation of the concerned person submitting the article will be appearing at the end of the article.

The IEEE PES enewsUpdate is published every quarter with issues in March, June, September, and December. The deadline for article submission is the 15th day of the third month of each quarter for that quarterly issue.

Download the article template (.docx)