“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.”   Unknown

Joseph Botros


Dr. Nima Javanbakht


Dr. Nima received his Ph.D. degree from Carleton University and is currently a senior RF Systems Engineer at Sanmina Corp.

Milad Tannous, P. Eng.

Industry Relations Director

Milad is a true nerd at heart, designing components for next gen networking equipment during the day and teaching at Algonquin at night.

João Guilherme Nizer Rahmeier

Webmaster & Social Media Director

Currently pursuing his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Carleton University, with focus in theoretical EM and nonlinear metasurfaces.

Sonya Stuhec-Leonard

Administrative Director

Sonya is working on her MASc in Electronics at Carleton University with focus in electromagnetic propagation for communication applications.

Dr. Reza Movahedinia

Research Officer

Ahmed Ashoor