Outstanding Engineer Award – Wayne Timm, P.Eng.

SASKATOON—March 28, 2017

Congratulations Wayne Timm, P.Eng., recipient of the IEEE North Saskatchewan Section Power & Energy Society 2016 Outstanding Engineer Award in recognition of his contributions to the development of “IEEE standards on Hydro-Generators and the Electric Power Utility in Saskatchewan.”

Mr. Wayne Timm, P.Eng. has been an active member of the IEEE Hydroelectric Subcommittee and has contributed to the development of numerous revisions to IEEE 492 as well as the balloting of over 20 standards in the past three years. Over his 35-year career, Mr. Timm has worked in numerous capacities for SaskPower, including Plant Electrical Engineer, Senior Engineer, Major Projects, and most recently Production Supervisor, Nipawin Hydroelectric Station.

Mr. Garner Mitchell, former President and CEO of SaskPower, who wrote the supporting letter for Wayne’s nomination said the following: “Credit to Wayne he was always actively trying to keep up with emerging technologies, electrical system testing methods, procedures and to his credit Wayne took an active role throughout his career with IEEE, which was a great help to this drive and need.” “This extra effort provide great benefit to SaskPower and the Province.” “Wayne Timm is an Engineer’s – Engineer! He truly is most worthy of this proposed honour!”

Mr. Howard Matthews, Vice-President of Power Production at SaskPower, Mr. Dean Yager, Manager, SaskPower Plant Services, Asset Management Generation – Operations and Mr. Donald Robinson Retired Manager, SaskPower Plant Services were present to celebrate Wayne’s IEEE OEA.

“Wayne Timm is an Engineer’s – Engineer! He truly is most worthy of this proposed honour!”

This is the first Power & Energy Society Outstanding Engineer Award presented in Saskatchewan. The OEA award was presented to Wayne Timm by Mr. Howard Matthews and Dr. Rama Gokaraju, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Saskatchewan.

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