Highlights of the IEEE Nigeria Section Technical and Administrative Meeting (Tam) At Port-Harcourt On Saturday, February 20, 2016

Technical Presentation:

The Presentation: A technical presentation was made by Engr Adesoji Lawal on “Project Management for Developing countries”. It was made clear that every project management process needs to address the following: Start and End date of the project; Budget; Deliverable; Stakeholders; Scope; Human resources; Risks; Procurement; Communication; Quality, and micro-projects. The requirements for successfully managing any project are knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques.

Comments: Comments highlighted the challenges to successful project management in Nigeria as including: inability to take ownership of projects by stakeholders; lack of action plan; underestimating the risks; Attitude; Nepotism; Lack of perseverance; Accountability; Rule of law; Flawed value system; Unforeseen circumstances; Sentiments; Project-interlap; and Setting of unacceptable/unrealistic limits.


Administrative Meeting:

The administrative meeting was started by 12noon. Opening prayers were said by Engr Chidinma Ibe-Dimnwobi. The Section Chair gave an opening speech. Minutes of the Section’s TAM at Akure on December 2015 were read and adopted after suggestions for amendment. Engr Tunde gave a presentation on “Membership Development” which addressed the following: Member benefits; Registration/Renewal discounts; Special discounts for members aged 65 years and above; and Payment methods.

Chapter, Affinity Groups, and SB’s reports were made. The AOB on “the need for a means of aiding IEEE members to attend international conferences” was responded to by the Section Chair and immediate-past Section Chair before group photographs. Meeting closed at about 13.20pm

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