IEEE NetSoft 2016

Technical Sessions

Tuesday, June 7, 2016



Parallel Session Papers

(Gayageum A)

TS1: Network Function Virtualization

– Chair: George Xilouris, NCSR Demokritos, Greece

An Integrating Framework for Efficient NFV Monitoring

Georgios Gardikis, Ioannis Koutras, George Mavroudis, Socrates Costicoglou, Space Hellas S.A., Greece

George Xilouris, Christos Sakkas, Michail Alexandros Kourtis, NCSR “Demokritos”, Greece

E-State: Distributed State Management in Elastic Network Function Deployments

Manuel Peuster, Holger Karl, University of Paderborn, Germany.

Optimal Network Resource Utilization in Service Function Chaining

Insun Jang, Sukjin Choo, Myeongsu Kim, Sangheon Pack, Korea University, Republic of Korea

Myung-Ki Shin, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Republic of Korea

A Survey on Security in Network Functions Virtualization

Wei Yang, Carol Fung, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

Performance Management Challenges for Virtual Network Functions

Wei Zhang, Timothy Wood, George Washington University, USA

Jinho Hwang, Shriram Rajagopalan, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

K. K. Ramakrishnan, University of California, Riverside, USA

SDN Based Inter-domain Mobility for PMIPv6 with Route Optimization

Syed M. Raza, Pankaj Thorat, Rajesh Challa, Hyunseung Choo, Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea

Dongsoo Kim, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA.

Orchestrating Distributed Mode of NFV

Kotaro Kataoka, Uttam Dhabas, Om Prakash Nirankari, Naman Grover, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India.

LightChain: A Lightweight Optimisation of VNF Placement for Service Chaining in NFV

Anish Hirwe, Kotaro Kataoka, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India.

Segmented Proactive Flow Rule Injection for Service Chaining Using SDN

Prakash B. Pawar, Kotaro Kataoka, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India.



Parallel Session Papers

(Gayageum B)

TS2: Software Defined Networking

– Chair: Roberto Riggio, Create-net, Italy

Developing an Implementation Framework for the Future Internet using the Y-Comm Architecture, SDN and NFV

Glenford Mapp, Middlesex University, UK

Fragkiskos Sardis, Kings College London, UK

Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge, UK

Supporting Multicast and Broadcast Traffic for Groups of Connected Devices

Dinh Thai Bui, Richard Douville, Mathieu Boussard, Nokia Bell Labs, France

A Generic Interface for Open vSwitch

Dinh Thai Bui, Kahina Aberkane, Nokia Bell Labs, France.

Dynamic Adaptive Advance Bandwidth Reservation in Media Production Networks

Maryam Barshan, Hendrik Moens, Bruno Volckaert, Ghent University, Belgium

How to Handle ARP in a Software-Defined Network

Roberto di Lallo, Gabriele Lospoto, Massimo Rimondini, Giuseppe Di Battista, Roma Tre University, Italy

Dynamic Management of Control Plane Performance in Software-Defined Networks

Burak Görkemli, Murat Parlakisik, Seyhan Civanlar, Aydın Ulaş, Argela, TurkeyAhmet Murat Tekalp, Koc University, Turkey.

Energy aware routing and traffic management for software defined networks

Berna Özbek, Yiğitcan Aydoğmuş, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

Aydın Ulaş, Burak Görkemli, Kazim Ulusoy, Argela, Turkey

Online Resource Mapping for SDN Network Hypervisors using Machine Learning

Christian Sieber, Arsany Basta, Andreas Blenk, Wolfgang Kellerer, Technische Universität München, Germany

Linear Programming Approaches for Power Savings in Software-defined Networks

Fahimeh Alizadeh Moghaddam, UvA/VU, The Netherlands

Paola Grosso, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Parallel Session Papers

(Gayageum A)

TS3: Testbed/Experiment/Traffic Engineering for SDN/NFV

– Chair: Woojin Seok, KISTI, Korea

SDIGraph: Graph-based Management for Converged Heterogeneous Resources in SDI

Joon-Myung Kang, Hewlett Packard Labs, USA

Hadi Bannazadeh, Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Canada.

JANUS: Design of a Software-Defined Infrastructure Manager and Its Network Control Architecture

Byungchul Park, Thomas Lin, Hadi Bannazadeh, Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Canada.

An Orchestrator of Network and Cloud Resources for Dynamic Provisioning of Mobile Virtual Network Functions

M. Gharbaoui, I. Cerutti, P. Castoldi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy

B. Martini, CNIT, Italy

FLAME: Flow Level Traffic Matrix Estimation using Poisson Shot-Noise Process for SDN

Yoonseon Han, Taeyeol Jeong, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, James Won-Ki Hong, POSTECH, Republic of Korea

Iterative Traffic Engineering in the Data Plane of Multimedia IP Communications

Lilin Zhang, Ali Tizghadam, Hadi Bannazadeh, Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Canada.

(Literally) above the clouds: virtualizing the network over multiple clouds

Max Alaluna, Fernando Ramos, Nuno Neves, University of Lisboa, Portugal

Performance Benchmarking of SDN Experimental Platforms

Philippos Isaia, Lin Guan, Loughborough University, UK

A Generic Framework to Support Application-Level Flow Management in Software-Defined Networks

Lautaro Dolberg, Thomas Engel, SnT – University of Luxembourg, Luxemburg

Jérôme François, INRIA Nancy Grand Est, France

Shihabur Chowdhury, Reaz Ahmed, Raouf Boutaba, University of Waterloo, Canada

SDN controller for Network-aware Adaptive Orchestration in Dynamic Service Chaining

Ahmed Ali Mohammed, Molka Gharbaoui, Piero Castoldi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy

Barbara Martini, Federica Paganelli, CNIT, Italy

Experiments on SDN-based Network and Cloud Resource Orchestration in FED4FIRE

M. Gharbaoui, D. Adami, P. Castoldi, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy

B. Martini, CNIT, Italy

S. Giordano, University of Pisa, Italy



Parallel Session Papers

(Gayageum B)

TS4: SDN/NFV for CDN/Wireless/WAN

– Chair: Taekyoung Kwon, SNU, Korea

Dynamic aggregation of traffic flows in SDN

Angelos Mimidis, Cosmin Caba, José Soler, DTU, Denmark

Congestion-based API for Cloud and WAN Resource Optimization

Ali Sanhaji, Philippe Niger, Philippe Cadro, Cédric Ollivier, Orange Labs, France

André-Luc Beylot, ENSEEIHT, IRIT, France

SDN-based vs. software-only EPC Gateways: a Cost Analysis

Xueli An, Huawei Technologies, Germany

Wolfgang Kiess, DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Germany

József Varga, Johannes Prade, Hans-Jochen Morper, Klaus Hoffmann, NOKIA, Germany.

A Software-Defined Networking Architecture for Aerial Network Optimization

Hammad Iqbal, Jamie Ma, Kenneth Stranc, Kenneth Palmer, Peter Benbenek, The MITRE Corporation, USA

Policy-Driven vCPE Through Dynamic Network Service Function Chaining

Vitor A. Cunha, Igor D. Cardoso, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

João P. Barraca, Rui L. Aguiar, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Exploiting Integrated GPUs for Network Packet Processing Workloads

Janet Tseng, Ren Wang, James Tsai, Saikrishna Edupuganti, Alexander W. Min, Stephen Junkins, Tsung-Yuan Charlie Tai, Intel Labs., USA

Shinae Woo, KAIST, Republic of Korea

Configuration of the Wireless Interface for Software Defined Wireless Networks

Osianoh Aliu, Mathais Kretschmer, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany

Christian Niephaus, Brunel University, Germany

Network-Coding-based Multipath Transmission in Software Defined Fiber-Wireless Networks

Xin Liu. Wenzhu Li, Hebei University of Engineering, China

Muriel Médard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA