IAS Tech Dept Roster

The Industry Applications Society is comprised of many Technical, Operating Departments and Standing Committees, which are responsible for ensuring our members needs are met.

Each Technical Department of the IAS is composed of several Technical Committees.  These Technical Committees are responsible for the solicitation and selection of papers for presentation at IEEE meetings, and for the grading and recommendation regarding publication in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine or other IEEE publications of all papers submitted for presentation or publication. Technical Committees are also responsible for the initiation, preparation and formulation of Standards, Specifications, Operating and Application Guides, Test Procedures and Recommended Practices for issue in accordance with IEEE regulations. They provide technical assistance to chapters formed within their respective scope.  See below for a list of technical committees within each of the IAS Operating Departments.

Technical Departments

Manufacturing Systems Development and Applications Mohammad Uddin, Chair muddin@Lakeheadu.ca
Masaaki Okubo mokubo@me.osakafu-u.ac.jp
Babik Nahid-Mobarakeh babak.nahid@gmail.com
Kayo Suzuki kayoszk@quartz.ocn.ne.jp
Process Industries Steve Coppinger, Chair scoppinger@calportland.com 
  • Cement Industry
Corinne Fields Corinne.fields@icloud.com
Stephen Wilson sfwilson@ieee.org
Thomas J. Dionise tom.dionise@ieee.org
David Mazur dcmazur@ra.rockwell.com
Peter Baen peter.baen@thermon.com
Greg Drewiske Greg.Drewiske@Versoco.com
Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Andrew Hernandez, Chair Andrew.Hernandez@astrazeneca.com 
  • Codes and Standards
Marcelo E. Valdes marcelo.valdes@ge.com
  • Energy Systems
Mahesh Illindala millindala@ieee.org
  • Power Systems Engineering
Sergio Panetta spanetta@ieee.org
  • Power Systems Protection
Rob Hoerauf robhoerauf@earthlink.net
  • Rural Electric Power
Chris Brooks brooksc2002@hotmail.com
Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Po-Tai Cheng, Chair ptcheng@ieee.org
Andy Knight andyknight@ieee.org
Michael Harke mcharke@ieee.org
Pericle Zanchetta Pericle.Zanchetta@nottingham.ac.uk
Shashank Krishnamurthy shashank.km@gmail.com
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems
Ylimaz Sozer
Burak Ozpineci burak@ornl.gov