The IEEE Italy Section approved the creation of the Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group (AG) on December 2nd, 2016.

The board is composed of three main teams appointed during the first IEEE Italy Section WIE Affinity Group Assembly in July 2017:

  • the officers team;
  • the education team;
  • the communication team.

The structure of the board and its responsibilities are in following described.


The Chair who leads the AG by coordinating, organizing and taking initiatives in agreement with the mission and vision of WIE.
The Vice-Chair who acts as deputy or substitute for the Chair.
The Secretary who is responsible to keep records of the WIE AG assemblies and of the official correspondences of the AG.
The Treasurer who administers and manages the financial assets of the WIE AG.


The education team has the main purpose to identify, plan and support initiatives dedicated to education in STEM, mainly oriented  towards young girls. This support can be both in terms of  dedicated  activities and awards


The communication team has the main purpose to define, prepare and manage the WIE AG editorial plan, which contains all the initiatives and the tools necessary for its deployment (brochures, news, reports, the website and the social media accounts). The communication team consists of a coordinator supported by several WIE professionals, working in an integrated way to promote the Italian WIE Affinity Group, ensuring effective communication and visibility during events.