Visit to Leoni by IAS Tunisia Chapter

On 30 May 2013, the IEEE IAS Tunisia chapter organized an industry visit to the international company LEONI Wiring Systems located in Sousse (Tunisia). A group of 6 IAS members and 10 invited researchers enjoy the visit.

LEONI is a global supplier of wires, optical fibers, cables and cable systems as well as related development services for applications in the automotive business and other industries.

The company profile and several technical presentations about Cable harnesses for the automotive industry were given in the conference area. The product value chain was shown in an impressive technical tour.



ICALT 2013 in Tunisia (by IAS Tunisia Chapter)

ICALT 2013, the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport, was successfully held at El Mouradi Hotel Sousse El Kantaoui, Tunisia, from 29-31 May 2013. The conference was technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society and the IEEE IAS Tunisia Chapter.


The technical program included 9 plenary talks from world-renowned speakers, 3 special sessions, Doctoral consortium, two tutorials on RFID and supply chain networks, and a workshop on smart cities.


170 technical papers were submitted to the conference. Out of these, 95 papers were accepted following rigorous review process.
During the conference, an IEEE IAS booth was organized by the IAS chapter ExCom in order to present the society and get in touch with participants from major industrial companies for future cooperation.
Furthermore, the conference offered free registration to the IEEE IAS student members in Tunisia.
During the closing ceremony, awards were delivered to the best paper, best student paper and best doctoral project.

Collaboration with IEEE SSIT

SSIT focuses on the social implications and ethical issues of new and emerging technologies.A kind of collaboration of IAS chapters with SSIT, could be e.g. involving into the activity of SSIT through forming a joint chapters. Existing IAS SB Chapters may form a joint IAS/SSIT Chapter by submitting a petition with at least three petitioners who should be SSIT members.

The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) focuses on environmental, economics, health, and safety implications of technology; engineering ethics and professional responsibility; engineering education in social implications of technology; history of electrotechnology; technical expertise and public policy; peace technology; as well as on social issues related to energy, information technology and telecommunications.

UTBM SB IAS Chapter Inauguration in France

First IEEE SB & IAS Chapter inauguration in France

President’s Message
UTBM rejoices the creation of its first IEEE IAS student branch. That demonstrates the commitment of our students, including master and doctoral students as well as engineers in the development of industrial and commercial applications of electronic and electrical engineering.
In these areas the theoretical research is a powerful tool to investigate and explore of new solutions. But the proof of the innovation is in the experimentation, in the making of prototype and in the real life demonstration.
IAS thus promotes both theoretical developments and practical realizations. Its objective is the dissemination of knowledge but also to increase the skills, knowledge and expertise of its members.

Complete Report can be downloaded here

GCET’s upcoming event “STAC’13”


Date: 16th and 17th, August 2013

INNOVAZIONE’13 Vision is driven by its Values, which are –

● Inspire Confidence
● Always Stretch
● Excellent Quality
● Nurture innovation
This year’s INNOVAZIONE will comprise of two competition’s and one exhibition namely-

1. Progetto – Project Competition
2. Concetto – Idea Presentation Competion
3. Project Exhibition

Make the most of INNOVAZIONE’13 now
Let us change live’s, let’s make a difference.

Complete draft of the event can be found here

For Details, Contact:

Vivek Gupta
Chairperson-GCET IEEE SB
+91 7405202724
+91 9712668375

Visit to BRTS Ahmedabad, India

BRTS- Bus Rapid Transient Service in Ahmedabad was visited by GCET IEEE SB on 20.04.2013 as promotional tour for IAS-Industrial Application Society as well as industrial visit for understanding the basic functioning and working of BRTS.
Total of 75 students participated in the industrial visit which was completely sponsored by GCET IEEE SB as it was first industrial visit under GCET IAS chapter. Soon after reaching the Ahmedabad municipality corporation(AMC),BRTS control centre where we met Mr. Prayag who has throe knowledge of history of Ahmedabad before and after BRTS as well as origin and designing.
Prayag Sir guided us in showing the pictorial representation that depicted the old and new Ahmedabad. Then was the main yet most amazing part of the day each and every student waited for-THE CONTROL ROOM, heart of BRTS where we were showed the perfect combination of technical and operator friendly system showing all the functional route’s of total BRTS plant network i.e. 84km.
It showed the perfect grid of everyday’s individual bus operation through various hierarchical level consisting of the instantaneous speed, bus driver’s name, time delay/advancement, occupancy, the route taken etc. If the bus was behind schedule or travelling at faster speed, the bus operator was penalized on per km basis thus making sure on daily efficient running for the betterment of people of ahmedabad.
Then we left for BRTS workshop at Narol distributed in 300 acre area via BRTS bus from Nehrunagar. There Sir described the basic motto and aim applied in designing of BRTS bus which was of 900 sq feet and 12 meter then the usual buses which is 10 meter long which is the 1st successful, effective BRT and seeing the success rate , the design was adopted by Delhi and Rajkot and thus training experts from various cities in implementation of similar system in their cities. BRTS ahemedabad currently consist of
135 buses.
At BRTS workshop we saw the whole mechanism of washing and repairing of buses which believes in providing healthy and safe environment to the travelers and if the bus is unable to fulfill the required criterion, then the bus operator is penalized.
Soon, we left for AMC HQ and then straightly headed for AKSHARDHAM in Gandhinagar where we learned the life ideologies one should apply in his/her life. Everyone enjoyed and relaxed.

gcet BRTSgcet brts2

PES Careers – An Online Career Service for Engineering Students

PES Careers is uniquely designed to help students find a power engineering job after graduation (or career experiences while a student), and to help employers to efficiently find the best candidates for those positions. IEEE PES offers PES Careers without charge as a service to students and their future employers, and to help address emerging engineering workforce challenges.   For more information, please visit

PES Careers

ECCE 2013 Zucker Travel Grants

This year following 60 students will be traveling to Denver, Colorado, USA during September 15-19, 2013 with the help of student travel grant. This program will reimburse $500 of travel expenses associated with the conference. The selection was made by the IAS ICPSD. Missed this year’s deadline, do apply next year visit, ECCE, 2014 website for more information.





Aitor Vazquez Ardura

University of Oviedo(Spain)


Ajit Anbiah Renjit

Ohio State University (USA)


Ali Shojaei

McGill university (Canada) Continue reading ECCE 2013 Zucker Travel Grants

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