Annual meeting of the IEEE Finland Section (January 29th, 17-19:00)

Dear members of the IEEE Finland Section,

The board of IEEE Finland Section will have an annual meeting on Tuesday January 29th at 17:00 – 19:00 at Porkkalankatu 1, 00181, Helsinki. In addition to the topical matters, we will have two invited speakers:

  • CEO of BaseN, Pasi Hurri, will give a talk about means in introduce intelligence into IoT systems
  • Senior Researcher at Nokia Bellabs, Dr. Dmitry Petrov, will take a critical look into systems with artificial intelligence in order to form a better understanding of both the opportunities and limitations of AI implementation.

Please find more detailed descriptions of the talk and bio of the speakers below.

All members of IEEE Finland Section are invited to join the meeting to meet and discuss with the newly elected members of the board.


With best regards,
Toni Mattila
Chair of the IEEE Finland Section



Invited talks

“Spimes – new digital fabric of reality” by Pasi Hurri, CEO, BaseN Corporation

Spimes are the core objects of the Internet of Things (IoT). Whereas the IoT itself is about simply connecting everything, real value comes from securely hosting complex algorithms, which analyse and control all the things. All data coming from the thing and its environment throughout the entire lifecycle, as well as every piece of programming that enables control functionalities, make up the thing’s spime, its logical brain and therefore master object. Spime truly make the transformation from physical products to intelligent services possible.

Speaker Bio:
Since establishing BaseN Corporation in 2001, Pasi Hurri has been holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. He is also the largest shareholder of the company. Mr. Hurri is also a visiting lecturer and expert speaker, e.g. at IEEE and several universities. Prior to founding BaseN, Mr. Hurri spent more than a decade in senior technology management positions. He presided the engineering effort of the KPNQwest Eurorings network, then the largest pan-European carrier transporting more than 50% of the Internet traffic. Mr. Hurri also was the Chairman of FICIX, the Finnish Commercial Internet Exchange, and a Member of the Board of Directors at Academica Oy, now part of TelecityGroup. Within Ahlstrom Corporation Mr. Hurri managed the creation of a global IP network in the early 90`s. With his strategic thinking inherited from the Finnish Air Force, Mr. Hurri has always emphasized the importance of deep situational awareness, according to Clausewitz principles.


“May AI Be Wrong? Case Studies” by Dmitry Petrov, Senior researcher, Nokia Bell Labs


For the successful implementation of AI models it is necessary to understand not only benefits but also potential limitations and biases of machine learning. In the talk, I am going to share with the audience several interesting examples of AI models, both thriving and with mistakes, continued with root cause and solution analysis of those.

Speaker Bio:

Dmitry Petrov graduated from the physical faculty of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state university in 2007. He received his Ph.D. degree in mathematical modeling from the same university in 2010. Dmitry got another Ph.D. degree in mathematical information technology (2012) and a title of adjunct professor in wireless networking technologies (2016) from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. In 2017, he started his work at Nokia, MN, ATF and in 2019 he is joining Nokia Bell Labs, ENSA lab. The main areas of research interests for Dmitry are modeling and simulation of mobile networks, data science and ML, signal processing and innovation in technology. Dr. Petrov is a senior IEEE member and is a vice-chair if the IEEE section of Finland.