KEN at Envision Science Academy

On Thursday, October 29, 2015, KEN visited with hundreds of students from K through 7th grade at Envision Science Academy in Raleigh.  The students were brought in to see KEN in groups by grade.  Seven sessions were given to allow all the grades in the school a chance to see and interact with KEN.  Grayson warmed up the crowd for each session with probing questions about what engineering is and what it means to be an engineer.  Daniel then demonstrated KEN’s features, helped students to interact with KEN directly, and answered the student’s questions about how KEN works and was made.  Lixiao was also present to record the reactions of the audience to KEN.  This event provided more data for her upcoming research paper on human-robot interaction to be presented at a conference on humanoid robots.

The humanoid robot project team extends its thanks and appreciation to the Envision school and teachers who provided a warm welcome to KEN and facilitated a busy and effective day.  We also thank the students who were energetic and enthusiastic to learn and interact with KEN.  Your many questions and insights were an inspiration for the team.