Scope and Mission

The RF & THz technical committee is dedicated towards expanding interest and research into components, modules, & materials for RF, THz & wireless applications. This includes RF& THz systems, bio applications, metamaterials, wireless sensors, RFID, RF MEMS, “green” RF electronics, wireless power transmission, power scavenging, nano-based RF structures, and low-power RF designs.
Our mission is to expand the public’s understanding on why these technologies are important from an Electronics Packaging perspective. We serve as a common portal for those interested in RF & THz technologies by promoting activities, events, and initiatives organized by different universities and laboratory groups. We also intend to educate interested parties by assisting in programming such as conferences, workshops, and presentations by distinguished speakers. The committee also seeks to identify key papers, theses, major technical breakthroughs, and notable books/book chapters that could guide enthusiasts to learn more about RF & THz technologies.
We also aim to recruit new members interested in the Electronics Packaging Society with a focus on RF & THz technologies. Our objective is to serve as a beacon that guides young minds to identify complex real world problems and helps them forge a path aimed at finding feasible cost effective solutions by providing resources that would fuel their passion to explore RF & THz technologies.