Electrical Engineering Students

College students in the Boston area can attend the IEEE PES Boston Chapter courses for free by earning and redeeming points as described below, or volunteering at a student chapter.

Student Chapter: College students that actively participate in their Student PES Chapter activities can attend one PES Boston Chapter major course, or two PES Boston Chapter short courses per year for free. Active participation includes attending the student Chapter meetings, helping promote the Student chapter events, volunteering to lead some of the student Chapter events, etc. Each student chapter chair will report the list of active participants to the PES Boston Chapter Executive Committee.

Technical Meetings: Each college student that attends the PES Boston Chapter technical meetings gains 1 point per meeting (The technical meetings are free to attend). These points can be redeemed as below:
1. Redeem 5 points to attend a PES Boston Chapter major course for free.
2. Redeem 2 points to attend the PES Boston Chapter short courses.

Register for the course at least a week in advance by sending an email to and let him know whether you would like to redeem points or attend the class as an active PES Student Chapter volunteer.

IEEE PES Boston Chapter currently has active IEEE PES Student Chapters at local universities. We strive to support these chapters in every possible way.

1. IEEE PES Student Chapter at Northeastern University. Click Here for the Website
2. IEEE PES Student Chapter at University of Massachusetts Lowell. Click Here for the Website

Any other school interested in initiating a new PES Student Chapter is encouraged to contact us at to learn about the benefits of establishing one. Please visit our Resources Page for further information.

The IEEE PES Boston Chapter is pleased to announce that Boston area students who have a paper to present at T&D or PES General Meeting may be eligible to receive $500 travel cost reimbursement. The number of awards are limited to 8 per year and would be on a first come first serve basis.

If you would like to receive this financial support from the Chapter, please contact

Forming a Student Chapter at your University:

Want to form a PES Student Branch Chapter? Its easier than you think

Creation of a PES Student Branch Chapter requires:

  • An IEEE Student Branch is required to establish a PES Student Branch Chapter.
  • Signatures of at least six (6) IEEE Student Branch members, who are members of PES.
  • A Faculty Advisor, who is also a member of IEEE and PES.
  • The name and address of the Student Branch Chapter organizer (who will serve as interim Chair pending election of a regular Chair at a later organization meeting).
  • Completed and approved petition.

The petition and complete requirements can be found here.