Online Courses on Robotics and Allied Areas

Beginners Level Free Courses:

  • Arduino Tutorials by Paul McWhorter (Link)
  • New Arduino Tutorials by Paul McWhorter (Link)
  • All about sensors for Beginners (Link)
  • Underactuated Robotics by MIT (Link)
  • Nptel Robotics (Link)
  • QUT Robot acadamy a playlist of videos (Link)
  • Robotics – by Columba University (Link)

Intermediate Level Free Courses:

  • Introduction to Robotics by stanford (Link)
  • Introduction to Robotics by MIT_OCW (Link)
  • Autonomous Intelligent Systems (Link)
  • Autonomous Intelligent Systems by University of Freiburg (Link)
  • Introduction to Aerial Robotics by University of Nevada (Link)
  • Raspberry Pi tutorials (Link)
  • Robotics: Kinematics and Mathematical Foundations – by University of Pennsylvania (Link)
  • Robotics: Dynamics and Control – by University of Pennsylvania (Link)

Intermediate Level Paid Courses:

  • Robotics Specialization (Link)
  • Modern Robotics Specialization by Coursera (Link)
  • Robotics MicroMasters (Link)
  • Robotics by University of Roma (Link)
  • Control of Mobile Robots (Link)
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots by ETHZurich (Link)
  • Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots (Link)
  • Robot Mechanics and Control Part 1 (Link)
  • Robot Mechanics and Control Part 2 (Link)

Advanced Level Free Courses:

  • SLAM playlist (Link)
  • Robotics 1 by Universita di Roma (Link)
  • MIT Deep learning for self driving car (Link)
  • Official ROS tutorials (Link)
  • List of ROS courses (Link)
  • Ros Courses youtube (Link)

Advanced Level Paid Courses:

  • Robotics Nanodegree by Udacity (Link)
  • Flying Car Nanodegree (Link)
  • Self-Driving Car Nanodegree by Udacity (Link)
  • ROS by Robot ignite acadamy (Link)
  • Robotics: Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning – by University of Pennsylvania (Link)

Robotics Companies/Startups