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DatePresentationPresented By
May 17, 2021Is Lithium Ion Battery Technology Right For You?

Is Lithium Ion Battery Technology Right For You? - Presentation with NOTES

Video Presentation: click
Marlene McCartha - AC & DC Power Technologies
April 19, 2021Engineering Ethics download
Bill Womack, P.E.
December 14, 2020NEMA Transforming The Future download
Bryan P. Holland - NEMA
October 16, 2020Electrical Safety Innovation download
Marty Kronz - Panduit
September 22, 2020Non-Electrical Considerations for Electrical Rooms download

Non-Electrical Considerations for Electrical Rooms - Presentation with NOTES download

Video Presentation: click
Mark Sorrells - Senior Member - IEEE
May 18, 2020SKM vs ETAP vs EASYPOWER download Lucian Gavriliuc - Hargrove
April 20, 2020Arc Quenching Standards download Mike Bukovitz - Tech4 LLC
February 18, 2020NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems Updates and Changes download Victor Bonachea - ASCO Power Technologies
January 21, 2020Facility Maintenance Best Practices download Jeff Womack - hood patterson & dewar
November 18, 2019Arc Blocks in MCCs download Ken Box - Schneider Electric
October 21, 2019IEEE-1584 and its Applications download David Rewitzer - hood-patterson & dewar
September 16, 2019Why Do We Need 30 Cycle ATS? download Harry Handlin - ABB
May 20, 2019Microgrids for Consulting Engineers download Philip Barton - Schneider Electric
April 15, 2019The New Generation of Medium Voltage Switchgear download Joe Richard - Schneider Electric
March 18, 2019Metal Clad vs Metal Enclosed Switchgear download Spencer Phillips - Integral Group
February 19, 2019Is Lithium Ion Battery Technology Right For You? download Marlene McCartha - AC & DC Power Technologies
January 22, 2019Factory Mutual Labeled Transformers download Michael McClellan - Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc.
November 19, 2018Integrated Building Automation Systems download Jeremy McCullough - Schneider Electric
October 15, 2018Electrical Power Management Systems Design and Specifications download Ken Newsome - Global Power Technologies
September 17, 2018Arc Flash Mitigation 2017 NEC 240.67 and NEC 240.87 download Michael Seal - ABB
August 7, 2018IEEE-1584 Review and Meeting Update
David Rewitzer - hood patterson & dewar
August 7, 2018NEC 2017: Arc Energy Reduction Article 240.87
Ken Box - Schneider Electric
August 7, 2018DC Arc Flash
Lesley Varga - Quality Standby Services, LLC
August 7, 2018Active Arc Flash Quenching for IEEE C37.20.7 Compliance
Mike Bukovitz - Tech4, LLC
August 7, 2018Introduction to OSHA
Josh Kelly - hood patterson & dewar
August 7, 2018IEEE-IAS Electrical Safety in the Workplace
David Rewitzer - hood patterson & dewar
May 21, 2018Changes in Arc Flash - 2018
David Rewitzer - hood patterson & dewar
April 16, 2018Basics of Mission Critical Electrical Systems
Bablu Kazi - Morrison Hershfield
March 19, 2018Best Practices for Specifying Emergency Power Systems
Dave Carpenter - Yancey Power Systems
February 20, 2018Why use High Resistance Grounding vs. Low Resistance or Solidly Grounded Systems
John Levine - Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc.
January 16, 2018NEC Requirements for Generators
John Sharpe - Generac Power Systems, Inc.
October 16, 2017Identifying and Application Overview of Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD)
Manish Verma - TMEIC
September 18, 2017Identifying and Eliminating Single Points of Failure download Thomas King - AECOM
May 15, 2017NFPA 70B Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance download Mose Ramieh III - CE Power
April 17, 2017Lessons Learned From NERC CIP Applied to the Industrial World download Terrence Smith - GE Grid Solutions
March 20, 2017Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations download David Rewitzer - hood patterson & dewar
March 9, 2017IEEE IAS Atlanta - NEC 2017 Code Changes Seminar download Randy Barnett - NTT
February 21, 2017Application and Installation of Generator Systems download Jessica Treadway - Caterpillar
January 17, 2017Engineering Ethics download Bill Womack - Womack & Associates
November 21, 2016Fundamentals & Application of Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) download Manish Verma - TMEIC
October 17, 2016Selecting the Proper Motor Control download George Tichi - SOLCON
September 19, 2016Overview of Off Line and On Line Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and how to size them for your applications download Maurice Allen - Levine Lectronics and Lectric
May 16, 2016Overview of Automatic Transfer Switches download Oscar Gross - Kohler Power Systems
April 18, 2016Overview of Dry, Liquid, and Cast Coil Transformers. What is best for my application? download Ken Box - Schneider Electric
John Levine - Levine Lectronics and Lectric
March 21, 2016LED Lighting ApplicationsJason Hong - Cooper Lighting
February 16, 2016Law and Other Intellectual Property Issues download Jason Perilla - Thomas|Horstemeyer
January 19, 2016Instrumentation & Controls Issues in Industrial Electrical Design download W. Michael Sutton - Phoenix Contact
November 16, 2015Testing Grounding Systems – Why, How to Specify and How to Test download Hilton Mills - Hood-Patterson & Dewar
October 19, 2015Design Consideration of Emergency Power Systems Sequence of Operations download Mike Pincus - Kohler Power Systems
September 21, 2015IEEE IAS Atlanta - Black Market and Gray Market Electrical Equipment – Safety Implications and Prevention download Tom Grace - Eaton Corporation
August 25, 2015Selective Coordination download 1 download 2 NFPA 70E download Trends in Lighting download Ken Box - Schneider Electric
Justin Schroeder - Schneider Electric
Judy Robinson - Eaton Corporation
Luaya Halig - Eaton Corporation
David Venhaus - Hubbell Lighting
May 18, 2015Medium Voltage Motor Design & Specifications download Bob Krusemark - GE
April 20, 2015Stationary Battery Sizing Methodology per IEEE Standards 485 (Lead Acid) and 1106 (Nickel Cadmium) download Lesley Varga - Quality Standby Services, LLC
March 16, 2015Changes to the 2015 Edition of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace download Joe Cobb Crawford - Crawford Engineering Services
February 17, 2015Energy Losses in Electrical Power Systems download Mark Sorrells - CH2M Hill
January 20, 2015NFPA-110 Compliance and Effective Testing of Emergency Power Systems download Richard Knittel - Prime Power Services
November 17, 2014Grounding 101 download Frank Waterer - Schneider Electric
October 20, 2014Fundamentals of Wireless Communications download Candice King - GE Digital Energy
September 15, 2014Harmonic studies 101. How to perform one. download Bonita Martin - TRC Engineers
May 19, 2014Electrical Power and Control in a Pulp and Paper Mill download John Sellars - Georgia Pacific
April 21, 2014Georgia Professional Engineer Rules and Regulations download Bill Womack - Womack & Associates Consulting Engineers
March 17, 2014Photovoltaic Solar Projects download Rick Downer - AMEC
February 18, 2014Engineering Economics of Alternative Power Sources download S. Frank Waterer III - Schneider Electric Engineering Services
January 21, 2014NEC 2014 Changes download Roger McDaniel - Georgia Power
November 18, 2013Explaining Georgia Power Non-Utility Generation Buletin 18-23 download
Georgia Power Bulletin 18-23 download
Keith Harley - GE
October 21, 2013NFPA 99 - Health Care Facilities Code 2012 and upcoming 2015 Edition download Chris M. Finen - Eaton
September 16, 2013The Application of Motors to Adjustable Frequency Drives (Part 1) download Alan Lowe - AMEC
June 4, 2013Fundamentals of Protective Relays Part II download Generator and Arc Flash download IEEE Communications Terry Smith - GE Digital Energy
John Levine - Levine Lectronics and Lectric
May 20, 2013Electrical Drawing Preparation download slides only download with notes Mark A. Sorrells - CH2M Hill
April 15, 2013Smart Grid - The Big Picture download
Gary Wetzel - S&C
March 18, 2013Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Design Considerations & Issues download Paul M. Williams - Greenspeed Energy Solutions
February 19, 2013Tier 4 Emmission Update download
Don Ridgeway- Cummins Power South
January 22, 2013Innovations in Lighting Controls download
Alan Wyant - Eaton
November 19, 2012Seismic Restraints for Building Electrical Systems & Components download Eddie Wilkie - Eaton
October 15, 2012Latest Trends in Generator Paralleling Systems download Daniel Barbersek - Generac
September 17, 2012Lighting Design: Changes in Technology and Efficiency Standards download Andy Kyker - General Electric
June 6, 2012Fundamentals of Modern Protective Relaying - Part1 downloadCraig Wester - GE Digital Energy
Terrence Smith - GE Digital Energy
John Levine - Levine Lectronics and Lectric
May 21, 2012Different Neutral Grounding Methods download with sound
download without sound

John Levine - Levine Lectronics and Lectric
April 16, 2012Geomagnetic Disturbances download with sound
download without sound

Warren Whitson - Southern Company Transmission
March 19, 2012Synchrophasors download with sound
download without sound

Clifton Black - Ph.D. Southern Company Services
February 21, 2012NFPA 72 - 2010 National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code download without sound

Rodger Reiswig - SimplexGrinnell
January 17, 2012Differences Between and Purposes for Bonding, Grounding, and Earthing download with sound
download without sound

Frank Waterer - Schneider Electric
November 21, 2011Smart Grid Equipment Monitoring download with sound
download without sound

Rick Downer - Power Engineers
October 17, 2011Electric Vehicle Installation Related Details download with sound
download without sound
Ben Echols - Georgia Power Co.
September 19, 2011Basic Low Voltage Motor Design and Installation downloadBill Lee - Parsons
May 16, 2011NEC Mandated Selective Coordination - Challenges and Solutions downloadJudy Robinson - Eaton Corporation
April 18, 2011Solar Power downloadRick Downer - Power Engineers
March 21, 2011Smart Grid downloadKen Caird - General Electric
February 22, 2011ANSI verses UL downloadTerry McCracken - Square D
January 18, 2011UPS Technology Update downloadChris Johnston - Syska Hennessy
November 15, 2010Energy Efficient LED & Fluorescent Lighting downloadAndy Kyker -GE Lighting
October 18, 2010Electrical Safety downloadClayton Reid - IEEE Lecturer
September 20, 2010Underground Cable Ampacity Calculations downloadMark Sorrells - AMEC
May 24, 2010Are you using the right CT and PT for your application? downloadJohn Levine, P.E. - Levine Lectronics and Lectric
April 19, 2010Switching Transients Induced Transformer Failures downloadDavid Shipp, P.E. - Eaton Corporation
March 15, 2010Modified Differential Ground Fault Systems Having Multiple Sources and Grounds downloadFrank Waterer, P.E. - Square D Company
February 15, 2010Alternator Protection for Emergency StandbyEngine Generators downloadKen Box - Cummins Power Generation
January 19, 2010Testing and Evaluation of Grounding Systems downloadSakis Meliopoulos, P.E. - Georgia Institute of Technology
November 16, 2009Wind Farm Electrical Systems downloadRick Downer - Power Engineers
October 19, 2009Generator Circuit Breakers -Who, When, Where, Why downloadGary Meekins - Alstom Grid
September 21, 2009Article 708 - What Hat Are You Wearing? downloadSpencer Phillips, PE - Newcomb & Boyd
April 16, 2009Surge Protection Design - TVSS/SPD Applications downloadCarey Mossop - Eaton
April 20, 2009Future of Nuclear Power downloadAlan B. Smith / Gary B. Fader - Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
February 16, 2009Shunt Capacitor Switching for Power Factor Improvement downloadClayton Reid - IEEE Lecturer
January 20, 2009Post-Failure Evaluation of Electrical Equipment downloadChristopher Shiver - Cerny & Ivey Engineers, Inc
November 17, 2008UPS Topologies and Multimodule Configurations downloadHarry Handlin - General Electric
October 13, 2008Advances in Communications & Reliability of Power Systems downloadJohn S. Levine - Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc.
September 15, 2008Stationary Bateries Technology-Design, Sizing & Selecting the Right Battery downloadRoger Pocock - Alcad
April 22, 2008Generator Arc Flash Presentation downloadJoe Cobb Crawford - Crawford Engineering
January 22, 2008OSHA 1910 Subpart S Electrical: Changes downloadJonathan Worrell - OSHA
September 17, 2007IEEE 519 Application Issues downloadTom Blooming - Eaton-Cutler Hammer
March 19, 2007Job Site Safety Issues for the Consulting Engineer? downloadJonathan Worrell - CSHM
February 19, 2007Running an Engineering Company downloadScott Lindelow - Savant Engineering
November 20, 2006NFPA 99: Standard for Health Care Facilities downloadJim Taufer - SquareD
November 6, 2006Electrical Equipment Room design Considerations downloadS. Frank Waterer - Schneider Electric North America
October 18, 2006"Introduction to Arc Flash" downloadMike Seal -GE
May 15, 2006Interfacing Fire Alarm and Elevators downloadBrian K. Fabel, PE - Orr Protection
April 17, 2006Selective Coordination of Emergency Systems downloadMark Williams - Square D
March 13, 2006Drawing Do's & Don't downloadMark A. Sorrells, P.E. ? IEEE Senior Member
February 20, 2006Marketing Methods for the Consulting Engineer? downloadRHODES B. WHITE, CPSM.FSMPS - White Consulting
January 17, 2006Ditch The Neutral and Simplify Your Life downloadChristopher M. Johnston, P.E.? Syska Hennessy Group
April 12, 2004Navigating Electrical Standards downloadMark A. Sorrells, P.E. ? IEEE Senior Member
-Generation System Protection Pack downloadIAS Tutorial

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