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UNM Student Branch participates in the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition

The UNM Branch of IEEE participated in the IEEEXtreme Programming competition, an
international, 24 hour coding competition. It was officially scheduled to start on October 14,
2017 at 0:00:00 UTC and end at 23:59:59 UTC the same day. During the 24 hours, teams of
three collaborated on a …

September 2017 Section meeting minutes

The Albuquerque Section of the IEEE meets on the last Tuesday of the month. The meeting is open to any Section member and it is free of charge for students. The meetings take place at Yanni’s on Central, at 11.30am, except for December, June, and …

October 2017 New Mexico Tech’s IEEE Student Branch Activities

Here is some of the activities that the New Mexico Tech IEEE Student Branch had in October.
The NMT student branch has bi-weekly meetings with their members. Below you can see picture of their October 11th meeting that was attended by 22 members.

A couple members, Zach …