Here is some of the activities that the New Mexico Tech IEEE Student Branch had in October.

The NMT student branch has bi-weekly meetings with their members. Below you can see picture of their October 11th meeting that was attended by 22 members.

A couple members, Zach and Austin, attended the Fall Region 6 conference in Boise, ID. Here is their feedback:

“[The picture below] is from the R6 Fall Meeting in Boise, ID (Austin and I are in the middle of the group, he is to my left). There was a dinner on Friday night. Austin and I not only met many other IEEE members there, but we also got a personalized tour of Boise from Sean Collision, one of the local members attending the meeting! On Saturday, we participated in two Student Leadership training sessions. We took away much from this training, including the discovery of very useful IEEE mentoring and career tools we will use in future semesters. We also networked with other Student Branches. In between the training sessions, there was a very interesting VR Technical Talk given by Duane Mathes and at the end of the day they held a Cybersecurity Programming Challenge. Altogether it was incredibly beneficial to our Student Branch. We have shared the notes we took at the training with the UNM Student Branch, so both branches will benefit from the 2017 R6 Fall Meeting.”

The NMT Branch also organized a Machine Learning workshop in October. The picture below is a screenshot of the output of a project in which they trained a Machine Learning algorithm to classify low-pixel images with positive results.

The NMT Student Branch meets bi-weekly. If you have any questions, would like to join the branch, or would like to attend any of their meetings or events, please contact the branch’s president, Zach Harris, at



2017 Albuquerque Section Treasurer.