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  • Atari Breakout: The Best Videogame of All Time? January 22, 2022
    Breakout was the best video game ever invented, many designers say, because it was the first true video game. Before Breakout, all were games like Pong—imitations of real life. With Breakout, a single paddle was used to direct a ball at a wall of colored bricks. Contact made a brick vanish and the ball change […]
    Tekla S. Perry
  • How E Ink Developed Full-Color e-Paper January 22, 2022
    It was the end of 2008, October, right before the holiday shopping season. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey released her highly anticipated Favorite Things list, with the Amazon Kindle topping the gadget category. This is the moment that the concept of electronic paper, or e-paper, went mainstream. But this black-and-white, reflective display that always appeared to […]
    Edzer Huitema
  • Medal of Honor Goes to Microsensor and Systems Pioneer January 21, 2022
    IEEE Life Fellow Asad M. Madni is the recipient of this year’s IEEE Medal of Honor. He is being recognized “for pioneering contributions to the development and commercialization of innovative sensing and systems technologies, and for distinguished research leadership.”The IEEE Foundation sponsors the award. Madni has been a distinguished adjunct professor of electrical and computer […]
    Joanna Goodrich
  • Video Friday: An Agile Year January 21, 2022
    Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your friends at IEEE Spectrum robotics. We’ll also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; here's what we have so far (send us your events!):ICRA 2022: 23–27 May 2022, PhiladelphiaERF 2022: 28–30 June 2022, Rotterdam, GermanyCLAWAR […]
    Evan Ackerman