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  • How Philanthropy Became This IEEE Member’s Cause October 22, 2021
    You don't need to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. Many philanthropists are working-class people with a passion for charitable causes. Bob Dent, who had a 40-year career in the power industry, is one of those individuals.The IEEE life senior member has donated to many causes, including the IEEE History Center, IEEE Smart Village, […]
    Joanna Goodrich
  • Stress Levels Revealed in Micro-Beads of Sweat October 22, 2021
    Sweat analysis isn't new: the dynamic chemical composition of perspiration has inspired researchers from elite athletic performance specialists to chronic disease experts to try to decipher its signals.But translating raw perspiration into "sweat equity" in real time in everyday life is not an easy task. Sometimes climatic conditions don't lend themselves to creating enough sweat […]
    Greg Goth
  • The Metaverse Could Help Us Better Understand Reality October 22, 2021
    Certain neologisms seem to pop up, then disappear, only to return in another guise. William Gibson's award-winning 1984 science fiction classic Neuromancer popularized the word cyberspace, a meaningless portmanteau that went viral and eventually became a shorthand expression describing the totality of the online world. We're now seeing something similar happen with the word metaverse, […]
    Mark Pesce
  • Video Friday: TurtleBot 4 October 22, 2021
    Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your friends at IEEE Spectrum robotics. We'll also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; here's what we have so far (send us your events!):Silicon Valley Robot Block Party – October 23, 2021 – Oakland, CA, […]
    Evan Ackerman