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  • The First Million-Transistor Chip: the Engineers’ Story July 2, 2022
    In San Francisco on Feb. 27, 1989, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., startled the world of high technology by presenting the first ever 1-million-transistor microprocessor, which was also the company’s first such chip to use a reduced instruction set.The number of transistors alone marks a huge leap upward: Intel’s previous microprocessor, the 80386, has only […]
    Tekla S. Perry
  • Video Friday: PoKeBo Cubes July 1, 2022
    Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your friends at IEEE Spectrum robotics. We also post a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months. Please send us your events for inclusion.RoboCup 2022: 11 July–17 July 2022, BANGKOKIEEE CASE 2022: 20 August–24 August 2022, MEXICO CITYCLAWAR 2022: […]
    Evan Ackerman
  • IEEE STEM Activity Kits Are In Demand at 150 U.S. Public Libraries June 30, 2022
    More than 150 public libraries throughout the central United States now lend out activity kits that let children explore just about any aspect of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The kids can check them out just like they would a book. The kits teach youngsters what engineers do, as well as how to code, build […]
    Kathy Pretz
  • We’re Training AI Twice as Fast This Year as Last June 30, 2022
    According to the best measures we’ve got, a set of benchmarks called MLPerf, machine-learning systems can be trained nearly twice as quickly as they could last year. It’s a figure that outstrips Moore’s Law, but also one we’ve come to expect. Most of the gain is thanks to software and systems innovations, but this year […]
    Samuel K. Moore