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  • This Clock Made Power Grids Possible February 29, 2024
    On 23 October 1916, an engineer named Henry E. Warren quietly revolutionized power transmission by installing an electric clock in the L Street generating station of Boston’s Edison Electric Illuminating Co. This master station clock kept a very particular type of time: It used a synchronous self-starting motor in conjunction with a pendulum to help […]
    Allison Marsh
  • Figure Raises $675M for Its Humanoid Robot Development February 29, 2024
    Today, Figure is announcing an astonishing US $675 million Series B raise, which values the company at an even more astonishing $2.6 billion. Figure is one of the companies working towards a multi or general purpose (depending on who you ask) bipedal or humanoid (depending on who you ask) robot. The astonishing thing about this […]
    Evan Ackerman
  • Turn a Vintage Hi-Fi Into a Modern Entertainment Center February 28, 2024
    Sometimes extreme procrastination works in your favor. Procrastination certainly played a role in this month’s Hands On, which was 20 years in the making. So, too, did family, and place, and what meaning might be found in bringing silent circuits to life. This then is a story that ends with me watching Interstellar and listening […]
    Stephen Cass
  • Self-Destructing Circuits and More Security Schemes February 28, 2024
    Last week at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), researchers introduced several technologies to fight even the sneakiest hack attacks. Engineers invented a way to detect a hacker placing a probe on the circuit board to attempt to read digital traffic in a computer. Other researchers invented new ways to obfuscate electromagnetic emissions radiating […]
    Samuel K. Moore