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High Speed Signal Integrity

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High Speed Signal Integrity:  What’s Its all About and How it Affects the Quality of Our Lives

Presented by:

Maxwell Robertson 
Applications Engineer
Texas Instruments
Dallas, Texas

William M. Sherry Ph.D.
Manager, Business Development, Systems and Applications Engineering
Texas Instruments
Dallas, Texas

Achieving the quality of service expected by internet users in the presence of ever increasing internet traffic and congestion forces service providers to install higher and higher bandwidth connections.  These higher bandwidth connections demand that system engineers and applications engineers pay close attention to the electrical design of the high frequency “transmission” lines, e.g. copper cables or pcb copper traces carrying these payloads to ensure robust high speed performance is achieved in the network.   These “transmission” lines, present in PCs, networking,switching or data center equipment, greatly influence the integrity of the transmitted signal.

During this talk we will cover the fundamental design considerations for robust high-speed signal traces and present practical examples of printed circuit board layout.  We will discuss how signals propagate over transmission lines, what sorts of issues arise in real-world systems, and how these issues can be detected and resolved.  We will also present some examples of how  applications engineers work together with customers to achieve system-level performance goals.


1. Signal propagation over transmission lines
2. Singal Integrity issues (and how to avoid them)
3. Eye Diagrams and Jitter
4. Signal Integrity characterization and simulation
5. Links/Further reading

Place: UPR Mayaguez, Auditorium Stefani Building S-113
Date: September 27, 2011 @  6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

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Note: This seminar has credits from Colegio de Ingenieros,  and from UPRM  CEP (for professors and students)