National Capital Area Awards and Recognition Banquet

25 April

Dr. Eli Brookner was the guest speaker at the NCA banquet. Dr. Brookner is an AESS Distinguished Lecturer, and travel for his talk “Around the World in 60 Minutes” was funded by AESS. Photos of the banquet can be found at: 2015 Awards Banquet by logging in with an IEEE email account.

Cognitive Complex Systems: Current Developments and Future Trends

26 August

Dr. Elizabeth Kesler. This talk presented current research and development activities that produce innovative cognitive complex systems such as a cognitive radar (CR) system. The main features of a CR system include: fully adaptive receiver and transmitter, use of an environmental dynamic database and a full feedback path to a transmitter. Applications of a CR processing to target detection and tracking, target ID and interference (clutter and jamming) mitigation were discussed.  One of the major future trends is a replacement of the conventional airborne radars with UAV based Sensor Systems. This cognitive complex system would increase the capabilities of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets; however, cutting edge technologies such as waveform diversity, knowledge-added signal processing, robotics, and wireless networking have to be utilized in order to accomplish this goal.