Chairman:  Dr. Bill Culver (wculver@alum.mit.edu)

Deputy Chairman:  Mr. Eun Oh (eun.oh@nrl.navy.mil)

Program Chair:  Mr. Roger Oliva (Roger.Oliva@ieee.org)

Treasurer:  Dr. Rich Hochberg (rhochberg@ieee.org)

Secretary:  OPEN




9/18/12, AESS sponsored “The Systems Engineering Workshop on the Future of Avionics.” This led to the future projections posted here:    Workshop Results


7/25/12, Dr. Ray Burris, NRL, gave “An overview of Free Space Laser Communications research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.”  His abstract and biography are posted here:    Abstract  Bio


7/11/12, Mr. Brett Berlin spoke to us about:  “Embedded Supercomputing and Grand Challenges of Cyberspace.”  His abstract and biography will be posted here:   Abstract  Bio Presentation


6/27/12, Dr. Marina S. Leite, NIST – Maryland NanoCenter (UMD), spoke to us about: “A New Paradigm for > 50% Photovoltaic Efficiencies”.  Her abstract and biography are posted here:   Abstract Bio