Chairman:  Dr. Bill Culver (wculver@alum.mit.edu)

Deputy Chairman:  Mr. Eun Oh (eun.oh@nrl.navy.mil)

Program Chair:  Mr. Roger Oliva (Roger.Oliva@ieee.org)

Acting Treasurer::  Mr. Eun Oh (eun.oh@nrl.navy.mil)

Secretary:  OPEN




5/16/10 to 7/20/10 –  IEEE/AESS Deep Sea Horizon Activity

3/9/10 – Mr. Ron Ticker, NASA, discussed the technical aspects of the International Space Station Program. Abstract

2/23/10 – Mr. Tyler Huebner, DOE, discussed the technical aspects of the Department’s Implementation of Renewable and Energy-efficient Programs. Abstract   

1/19/10 – Dr. Stefan Immler, NASA, Swift Satellite Operations Program, discussed the combination of gamma-ray, x-ray, and optical/ultraviolet telescopes on board Swift and companion ground-breaking discoveries. Abstract

1/5/10 – Ms. Karen Kohanowich, NOAA, Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, presented and discussed advanced undersea capabilities with potential aerospace dual-use applications. Abstract