Fall TechTalks are shaping up!

The Northern Virginia/Washington DC AESS Chapter is hitting the ground running this fall with our first two confirmed speakers!

We kick off our Tech Talks at IEEE USA on September 27th with Dr Paul Werbos who is giving a talk on “Deep learning control and systems design: lessons from CC parts to GFC to SSP assembly” where he will talk about his experences with hypersonics — from cloning astronaut pilot skills to nonlinear staying in propulsion region through stochastic atmosphere, to role of intelligence in design, bottom line viability), to missile interception (Hyland stability work, Balakrishnan I and II and stability/cybersecurity issues with skynet) and others!  The full event announcement can be found at: 

Then on November 15th Dr. Erik Blasch will be talking about AFOSR (Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS). The DDDAS concept entails the ability to dynamically incorporate additional data into an executing application, and in reverse, the ability of an application to dynamically steer the measurement (instrumentation and control) components of the application system. DDDAS is a key concept for improving modeling of systems under dynamic conditions, more effective management of instrumentation systems, and is a key concept in architecting and controlling dynamic and heterogeneous resources, including, sensor networks, networks of embedded controllers, and other networked resources. DDDAS transformative advances in computational modeling of applications and in instrumentation and control systems (and in particular those that represent dynamic systems) require multidisciplinary research, and specifically need synergistic and systematic collaborations between applications domain researchers with researchers in mathematics and statistics, researchers computer sciences, and researchers involved in the design/ implementation of measurement and control systems (instruments, and instrumentation methods, and other sensors and embedded controllers).

Can’t wait to see you there!