For more than 50 years, the unique capabilities and expertise at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) has been used to design and build the engines, vehicles, space systems, instruments and science payloads that make possible unprecedented missions of science and discovery throughout our solar system.  As part of your WISEE 2018 experience a tour of select MSFC facilities will be made available.

Rockets developed at MSFC and ABMA before it are on display at MSFC. Credits: NASA/MSFC/Fred Deaton.


The tour will include:

  • the Virtual Environments Laboratory which allows for virtual analysis of human factors by providing real-time, human motion tracking, allowing the individual to interact with a virtual environment;
  • the Deep Space Habitat Demonstration Unit which allows NASA architects, scientists and engineers, working together to develop sustainable living quarters, workspaces, and laboratories for astronauts on next-generation space missions;
  • the Payload Operations and Integration Center (POIC) which is the science command post for the International Space Station. POIC’s unique capabilities allow science experts and researchers around the world to perform cutting-edge science in the unique microgravity environment of space;

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Payload Operations and Integration Center. Credits: NASA/Emmett Given.

  • the Laboratory Training Complex (LTC) that provides a rapid and cost-effective environment for creating an ISS payload basic trainer for ground support personnel and astronauts;
  • the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) test facilities whose work remains critical to help provide fresh air and potable water for the station crew, reducing their reliance on supplies from Earth and for looking beyond low Earth orbit, developing new life support and air and water recirculation/recycling systems to support a new era of solar system exploration missions still to come; and other facilities depending upon accessibility at the time of the tour.

Pictured is a mockup of the ECLSS, 2001. From left to right, the shower rack, waste management rack, Water Recovery System (WRS) Rack #2, WRS Rack #1, and Oxygen Generation System (OGS) rack are shown. Credits: NASA/MSFC.

Registration will be required prior to the conference in order to obtain clearance and access to the Redstone Arsenal so please respond promptly to all information requests and deadlines.

Click HERE to register (deadline: October 1st 2018)