Tourist Information

Tulips (Keukenhof – 15 km)
The workshop falls in the middle of the tulip season and around Noordwijk you will find large colour fields of tulips. The world famous tulip exhibition, called Keukenhof, is an outdoor garden with millions of tulips and is open from March 20th to May 18th in 2014. These gardens are only 15 km away from Noordwijk.

Amsterdam (40 km)
Amsterdam has many touristic highlights to offer, which needs little explanation. World famous museums are:

Rotterdam (50 km)

Besides the well-known capital Amsterdam, the largest Dutch city Rotterdam is less well known, but has many things to offer with modern building and one of the world’s largest harbours (Port of Rotterdam).
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The Dutch are also well-known for combatting the sea and reclaiming land as ‘polders’. Some famous atttractions to visit include:

Windmills (Zaanse Schans or Kinderdijk)

The Netherlands are also known for their windmills, which can be visited. The most famous places to go are either near Amsterdam (Zaanse Schans), or Rotterdam (Kinderdijk).

Cheese & clogs
North of Amsterdam in the province North Holland (e.g. Alkmaar) or in Gouda, there are many opportunities to visit cheese farms/factories and they often include a chance to see the traditional way of producing wooden clogs.