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IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit (Article)

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

On September 15-16th, 2018, the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit (WIE ILS) took place in Mississauga, ON. The theme of the summit was STEMPowered Leadership, with the goal being to engage and empower women in engineering. Held at the same venue that weekend were the IEEE Young Professionals Summit and Student Congress. Joint events allowed for more perspectives to be shared and exposed many young engineers to the mission and philosophy of WIE. Several Winnipeg Section WIE members were fortunate to attend the event.

U of M students Aimee Carvey, Hannah Fogel and Valorie Platero share their experiences below.


Local Conference Participants (L-R): Hannah Fogel, Valorie Platero, Aimee Carvey, Nasim Abdollahi, Martin Rickey, Leo Zheng, Adam Brown

Attending the WIE ILS provided us with the opportunity to learn about current developments in improving the representation of women in engineering. Keynote speakers and panel discussions talked about one of the most prominent efforts in this endeavour, 30 By 30. 30 By 30 is an initiative started by Engineers Canada that encourages companies and academic institutions to work towards increasing the percentage of women in the field of engineering to 30% by the year 2030. Panels also discussed current emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain and how women’s perspectives are influencing these research areas. Speakers from IEEE provided information about other resources and outreach programs run by IEEE.

Many workshops during the weekend were led by female engineers who are very successful in their fields. They shared their personal experiences and gave advice for other women navigating the industry. The conference also had social events that enabled us to network and connect with other female engineers in various stages of their careers. This helped us gain valuable insight and advice in planning our own careers and potential mentorships in the future.

At the awards banquet Saturday evening, Nasim was presented with the Best Section of the Year award for small- and medium-sized sections. This is a great accomplishment that speaks to the dedication of our local volunteers.

We returned home hopeful and inspired to plan for WIE events in Winnipeg in the coming year. We would like to thank Professor Philip Ferguson and the IEEE Winnipeg Section for sponsoring our attendance at the summit.

The Radarsat Constellation Mission “Bus” – What Exactly Was Designed and Built in Winnipeg – Nov. 9, 2018

Friday, November 9th, 2018

IEEE Winnipeg (Geoscience & Remote Sensing / Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society / Women in Engineering) is pleased to present the following seminar:


Seminar Title: 

The Radarsat Constellation Mission “Bus” – What Exactly Was Designed and Built in Winnipeg



Ms. Diane Kotelko

Lead Systems Engineer

Space Systems Department, Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB, Canada



Friday, November 9, 2018 at 11:30 AM



EITC E3-262 (Fort Garry Campus; Engineering Building; “Senate Chamber”)



The Radarsat Constellation Mission is the third Canadian mission to provide remote sensing of the earth via C-band radar. The planned applications of this mission include ice, wind and ship monitoring for Canada’s three oceans; forestry, agriculture, wetlands, coastal changes, permafrost monitoring for our inland ecosystems; and mitigation, warning, response, and recovery for natural disasters and Canada and around the world.”  Magellan Aerospace designed, built and tested the all of the parts of the spacecraft that support the radar payload right here in Winnipeg. Diane Kotelko will discuss the systems engineering aspects of the RCM spacecraft bus design, describing concepts that are applicable to any commercial engineering project, and will also provide some information about the overall mission to provide context. Be well prepared for the inevitable questions that will come up in coffee-shop or social networking conversations when the launch occurs in February 2019.



Diane Kotelko graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1986, part of the third class that included women. She has been working at Magellan Aerospace (formerly Bristol Aerospace), since just after her graduation. Her career began with flight simulations of air-to-ground rocket systems and guided rocket-powered missiles. She left the flat earth society behind after 5 years, and began to consider the earth as a sphere when she moved into the Space Systems department to do flight simulation of Black Brant rockets. Eventually she realized that the earth moves around the sun when she became the Attitude Control Systems Lead for the SCISAT-1 satellite mission. Her horizons broadened as she became Flight Software and Operations Lead for the CASSIOPE spacecraft bus, and finally Systems Lead for the RCM bus.  She enjoys cycling, kayaking, skiing, being creative, and playing the bagpipes, but most of all, watching her sons flourish in their adult lives.


IEEE Women in Engineering Networking Event – August 18, 2017

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) Winnipeg section would like to invite all students and staffs in the University of Manitoba ECE department, as well as IEEE Winnipeg Section members for a networking event. IEEE WIE is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.

Date: 18 August 2017

Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Location: University of Manitoba, E2-350 EITC 

Refreshments: Coffee and Donuts

Registration: Not Required

Join us on Friday for a casual networking event before the new school term.

To view updates, future events, pictures, and videos from WIE Winnipeg section please visit:

IEEE Women in Engineering BBQ – July 5, 2017

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

This year the annual BBQ will be hosted by the WIE group on Wednesday, July 5th. This is a good opportunity to enjoy a summer evening outdoors and meet some new people from the section in a fun and relaxing setting. Food and drinks will be provided (burgers, hotdogs, drinks, etc.). Halal meat and Vegetarian options will be available if you choose the vegetarian when you register. There is a sand volleyball court next to the picnic site for anyone that wishes to play.

When: Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 6pm-9pm

Where: Assiniboine Part, picnic site 4

Registration: Registration is required in advance and is available at: The registration fee is $5.50 for IEEE members and $10.50 for non-members. Registration includes entry into a draw for a door prize.

For more information please email the event contact.

Technical Seminar on Robotics – IEEE women in Engineering (WIE) Winnipeg Section

Thursday, November 17th, 2016
IEEE women in Engineering (WIE) Winnipeg Section
is pleased to present a technical seminar on Robotics

Seminar Title: Artificial Intelligence and Humanoid-Robot Athletes

Speaker: Mr. Amir Hosseinmemar of Autonomous Agent laboratory (AALab),
University of Manitoba

Date: 2.30 – 4.30 pm21 November 2016

Location:  E3-262 (Senate Chamber)   EITC Bldg.

University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus

Registration: Admission Free
Starts 08 November 2016 12:00 AM
Ends 21 November 2016 12:00 AM
All times are Canada/Central
This technical seminar is open to all graduate/undergraduate students and all the professionals from industry
There will be coffee and donuts for all participants
In the growing world of technology, humanoid robotics has emerged as one of the fastest evolving fields. As a human when we play a soccer game, a basketball game, jogging or climbing, we are doing tasks that are easy for the human brain to understand. We do not think about solutions such as solving for the x, y, z positions of each individual joint or how to calculate the angular velocity of each particular joint. Similarly, when we walk, we do not think about the parameters of each individual joint, we instead decide about walking pace and stride. However, no existing humanoid robot can do any of these tasks as well as humans. Moving and controlling balance is a very simple task for humans but for a biped robot controlling balance and motion is a very complicated and expensive task. In order to advance the state of the art, fully autonomous humanoid-robots that use artificial intelligence need to be examined against solid benchmarks so that current abilities can be measured and so that goals can be set and progress charted. One means of setting such benchmarks is through robotics competitions: researchers around the world can compete against each other in real time, and share their ideas and solutions. HuroCup is a benchmark competition that is recognized worldwide and has been growing since 2002. It consists of many different sporting events such as weightlifting, basketball, etc. RoboCup is another benchmark with the focus on playing soccer. The elements of artificial intelligence and control in these tasks are all important components in broader applications for humanoids (e.g. rescue, household robots) In this seminar, speaker will talk about AALab’s work on Hurocup and RoboCup challenges in recent years and how these two benchmarks lead researchers to improve artificial intelligence and robotics.
Mr. Hosseinmemar is currently a PhD candidate in computer science program, at University of Manitoba. He received M.Sc. in computer science, B.Sc. (honors) in computer science, and diploma in electronic. He is in third year working with the successful group in Autonomous Agent laboratory (AALab). His research is on active balancing of humanoid robots and push recovery and artificial intelligence under supervision of prof. Jacky Baltes and Co-supervision of prof. John Anderson. He is the leader of the teen size humanoid team. The kid size and teen size robotic teams of the group have won many prices over years.
IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. It focuses on inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.
Our proud sponsor for this event would be the Graduate Student Association of University of Manitoba (UMGSA).
After the technical talk by Ms. Hosseinmemar, He will show couple of athletic robots. Come and see female athletic robots, Jennifer, Clara.
Please register using the link before 21st November.