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High Performance Computing Conference – June 21, 2018

The Manitoba Consortium for High Performance Computing invites you to a one-day conference which will discuss Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing. 

The Conference will be held on June 21st at the University of Winnipeg. A summary of the event is listed below.

For a current listing of presenters please visit our conference web page


We encourage you to attend and to forward this invitation to your colleagues who are interested in this topic. 

The cost to attend is $30 and registration is done online through the link indicated below.  


Thanks to support from IEEE, the cost for student participation is being mitigated and student registration is completed by contacting Alfonz Koncan at

This will be an excellent event for introducing all elements and opportunities for HPC use in industry and academia for Manitoba.

Our lineup of speakers features talks from WestGrid, Boeing Seattle, Tangent Animation, Sightline Innovation Inc, Ubisoft and many others.  We hope you will be able to attend.


To register for Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing please follow this link:



Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing

Theme:                         HPC offers many opportunities for Manitoba’s Industry, Small Businesses and Academe, to collaborate and succeed together.

Date of Event:              June 21st, 2018. (Thursday)

Time:                            8:00 am to 5 pm (with a networking session and cash bar to follow)

Location:                      University of Winnipeg, Eckhardt Gramatté Hall

Type of Activity:           Networking Workshop with Industry, Academic and Government participants

Sponsors:                    University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Red River College, IEEE, ICTAM, IEEE, ADE & Company Inc., EnviroTREC  

Executive Summary 

New advances in parallel multi-core computing technology will endow the average user with the computational power once only available to a handful of researchers worldwide using supercomputers. 

This revolution has brought high performance computing (HPC) to the masses. The goal of this conference is to bring together stakeholders to discuss Manitoba’s needs for the new HPC economy.

The use of HPC in modeling complex physical phenomena such as weather, fluid dynamics, molecular interactions, astronomical calculations and engineering design is well known to researchers and technology leaders in those fields.

In particular, HPC is being used by industry to improve products, reduce production costs and decrease the time it takes to develop new products by virtue of developing a virtual product and reducing the number of physical designs that follow.

The intention for this conference is to introduce more people to the possibilities of using HPC in their enterprise, by providing a cross section of examples and methods on how this technology can be used in their field of application.

A one-day conference and networking event will be held on June21st to present these ideas across a broad spectrum of talks.

Keynote speakers and other presenters at this workshop will focus their commentaries on current capabilities and future interests in training students for related industry development in Manitoba. 


Post Script to HPC programmers and users:

WestGrid has generously promoted our conference to their users and followers.

In turn they have asked that we assist them with the promotion of a Computing Summer School which will be held at the University of Manitoba from June 25th to June 28th.

To register for their summer school please follow this link: WestGrid Summer School.

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