IEEE Winnipeg Section


GOLD: Introduction to LaTeX Seminar


Wednesday, September 25, 2013 from 6-8pm


E1-270 EITC, Fort Garry Campus, University of Manitoba


LaTeX is a powerful typesetting system, used for producing scientific and mathematical documents. Unlike WYSIWYG tools such as MS Word, it uses plain text files that contain formatting commands making it very suitable for large documents.

Presentation outline:

  • What is TeX and why should I use it?
  • Installation and configuration
  • Basic document class and compilation
  • Cross-references, labels, and table of contents
  • Abstracts and keywords
  • Bullets and lists
  • Images and floating
  • Equations and the math environment
  • Basic tables
  • Keeping references with Bibtex
  • Showcase of advanced features
  • Discussion and question period

Speaker Bios:

Kane Anderson graduated from Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba and currently works for Solara Data in Winnipeg. He is an experienced LaTeX user and will be delivering the workshop for the 3rd time at the University of Manitoba.


  • Free! But, please register in advance.


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