Human-Robot Interaction – Looking Beyond the Technical Challenges


Thursday, March 7, 2013 @ 1:00pm


E2-304 EITC Building, University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus


Dr. Jim Young,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Manitoba


With the ever-increasing rate of robotic technology development, society is being faced with an imminent reality where autonomous robots are starting to become a part of daily life, for example, acting as nurses and caretakers in hospitals and homes, team members for search and rescue or on the battlefield, or utility personal assistants that clean or carry one’s groceries. Such scenarios share in common the fact that people, from all walks of life and demographics, will have to interact with robots, receive robotic feedback, or issue commands. This gives rise to research in human-robot interaction, which shifts the focus away from technical robotics challenges toward the people who will find themselves interacting with robots. In my talk I will discuss key areas of my group’s current research in human-robot interaction: developing novel robotic control and communication techniques that focus on leveraging people’s existing skills, reducing the need for training and lowering the difficulty of interaction, and investigations into how robot interaction design may impact how robots integrate into society.


This will be a free event.


If you would like additional information or if you might be interested in presenting a seminar, please contact Stephane Durocher or the Department of Computer Science.