IEEE Winnipeg Section


UofM CS Department Seminar



Physicality in Human-Computer Interaction


Friday, January 4, 2013 @ 1:00pm


E2-304 EITC Building, University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus


Dr. Ehud Sharlin
Department of Computer Science
University of Calgary


Regardless of the technology that surrounds us and the virtual realms we use and inhabit, we are still physical beings, living and acting in physical spaces. Current trends in human-computer interaction rely more and more on users physicality, exploring new physical interfaces, their attributes and mappings to various tasks.

My group’s research is focusing on designing and exploring new interactive experiences based on physical entities and environments. Our interests include human-robot interaction, physical and tangible user interfaces, mixed reality, musical interfaces, computer game interfaces and ubiquitous computing. In this talk I will present several current projects my students and I are pursuing, ranging from 3D sketch-based interaction and mixed reality games, to sociable robotic interfaces.

Speaker Bio:

I am faculty at the University of Calgary’s Computer Science Department since 2004. I am running the uTouch research group and am a member of the Interactions Lab, together with Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale, Dr. Tony Tang and Dr. Saul Greenberg, and around 30 other researchers. My research interests are directed at designing and exploring new interactive experiences that rely on physical entities and environments.


This will be a free event.


If you would like additional information or if you might be interested in presenting a seminar, please contact Stephane Durocher or the Department of Computer Science.

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