IEEE Winnipeg Section


Life Members: Luncheon Meeting


Alternate Energy Sources – Biogas


Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 12:00 noon.


Masonic Memorial Temple, 420 Corydon Ave., which is at Osborne St. and Corydon Ave.


Jeremy Langner, M.Sc. P.Eng


Dear Friends,

This will be the Fall meeting of the Society, and it has promise to be excellent. In the days when research started on the Alternate energies, they were Solar, Wind, and Biomass. Research has continued on the first two, but energy production from Biomass, being a slower process, has not had the same exposure to public view as the other two. In discussing the situation with our speaker, Jeremy, it became clear that the work which Manitoba Hydro is now doing is exactly what we need to advance our knowledge of the development of Biomass as an energy source.

Jeremy is going to give a presentation about three projects which Manitoba Hydro have in development. They are –

  • A biomass Gasifier
  • A biogas Project
  • An Organic Rankine cycle

Biomass is no stranger to Winnipeg. Winnipeg was the home of the Biomass Energy Institute up to about 1995, at which time we had to close down our operation owing to the withdrawal of Federal funding. The term “biomass” seems to have been coined in two places at about the same time. One was by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the other was by Ernie Robertson, the mainspring of the Biomass Energy Institute.

Hope to see you at the Masonic Memorial Temple on October 31. Our normal soup and sandwich lunch will be served.

This is also a very special meeting, as it is also an invitation and welcome to our friends in the IEE and IEEE. I have expanded the mailing list to include members of the IEEE. It is a Joint Meeting of the CSSE and the IEEE.

This is also the last meeting of my tour of duty. It has been my privilege to have arranged these meetings for several years, and I give a very big “Thank You” to those who have given help, advice, and suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing you all on October 31. Please invite anyone you know who would be interested in coming out to this event, either as a member or as a guest.

Many thanks,
Fred Stock, P.Eng.


RSVP no later than Friday, October 26, to Fred Stock, 269 2015, or It is important that you do this, as I depend on it to order the correct number of meals.


Fred Stock, 269 2015, or

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