IEEE Winnipeg Section


EMBS Chapter Seminar


Non-Linearity in Auditory Perception


Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 10:00 AM


E2 – 361 EITC, Fort Garry Campus, University of Manitoba


Barry Kimberley, P. Eng., MD, PhD, FRCS (C)
ENT And Sleep Associates


Nonlinear processes occurring in the peripheral auditory system are essential to our ability to hear small differences in 1) sound intensity, 2) time events, and 3) spectral features. Normal human audition is associated with the detection of vibratory events in the inner ear with an amplitude approximately of the diameter of a water molecule. Normal binaural hearing is also associated with discrimination of timing events with differences of 10 microseconds. Spectral discrimination can be modeled with a filter slope of 100 dB/ octave. Such amazing performance is dependent upon highly nonlinear processes in the peripheral ear. We will review nonlinear auditory processes and discover how EE has been essential to the understanding of hearing.


Barry Kimberley is the founder of ENT & SLEEP Associates. After completing medical school in Canada he came to the University of Minnesota where he completed an ENT residency and obtained a PhD degree. He is fellowship trained in ear surgery with world renowned ear pioneer Dr. Michael Paparella. He is one of only 140 ENTs double boarded in Otolaryngology as well as Sleep Medicine board certification. He is one of only 125 members of the prestigious American Otologic Society. Dr. Kimberley enjoys providing Sleep and ENT care to patients of all ages. Most recently he has focused on a snoring and sleep care delivery model that allows for efficient and effective solutions. Barry is a proud father of four beautiful and talented children. He loves flying his Mooney Acclaim S all across America and is an occasional open ocean sailor.


Free, All are welcome.


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