IEEE Winnipeg Section


Embedded Systems Workshop Part II



Saturday, November 12, 2011 from 11:30-17:00


E3-558 EITC
University of Manitoba


Craig Nemeth, Matthew Sebastian, Frank Serafin (VE4FHS), Troy Denton (VE4TRD), Matthew Woelk (VE4MDW), Kiral Poon, Kane Anderson (VE4PWN), Jonathan Aird, and Dario Schor (VE4SCH).


This hands-on workshop is designed as a continuation of the beginners workshop held in October. A team of experienced mentors will use Code Composer Studio to demonstrate examples of:

  • analog-to-digital conversions,
  • handling input through push-buttons,
  • using built-in timers,
  • handling interrupts, and
  • using a capacitive touch interface.

Lunch will be served from 14:00-15:00pm in E1-514.


$5 for IEEE student members
$25 for non-members
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Each student must have an MSP430 LaunchPad and a Capacitive Touch Booster Pack. If you do not have one, you can pre-order one through UMIEEE when you register. The MSP430 LaunchPad is $5 and the Capacitive Touch is $15 (both prices include taxes and shipping).

Only 15 spots available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register online before November 4, 2011 by clicking here.

Payment required to complete registration. If the fee is not received by the end-of-business on November 4, the spot will be assigned to another student.


Event Sponsor:

  • Shell Canada


For more information contact Dario Schor, VE4SCH or Frank Serafin, VE4FHS.


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