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We invite you to be part of the first IEEE WIE ILS hosted in Canada!

By becoming a partner, you join us in our mission to empower women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We seek your support in helping women unlock their full potential, and embrace Success, Excellence, and Leadership.


The IEEE WIE group is dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring young girls around the world to pursue careers in STEM. We envision a vibrant community of women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity.
As one of the global initiatives to empower and support women, the IEEE WIE has launched the IEEE WIE International Leadership Summits program in 2016. This program supports the organization of ten annual leadership summits worldwide that provide networking and professional development opportunities for female engineers. This year, we are bringing one of these summits to the Greater Toronto Area. This is the first time such an event has been hosted in Canada.

Why support us?

Over the past several decades, female participation in the workforce has dramatically increased. More women are earning academic degrees, getting high-paying jobs and taking on leading executive roles in small and large corporations. This has had a strong and positive impact on global economical growth. However, studies show that despite this leap in women’s workforce participation, global female representation in technical fields remains comparatively low. We still have a long way to go.

Many organizations, including the IEEE WIE, work hard towards improving this trend and reshaping the future of engineering and science.


Sustainable technological future

To keep up with rapidly growing high-tech development and increasing demand for engineering solutions, we need to have a steady influx of capable specialists. By supporting women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) occupations and exercising inclusiveness, we support the full utilization of human capital and thus sustainable expansion of pool of outstanding specialists for this sector.

Brighter engineering future

Embracing diversity in technical professions means that a broader range of problem-solving perspectives are brought to the table. By supporting women in STEM, we improve our engineering decision-making, thereby paving a brighter and better future for this profession.

Stronger global economy

Today’s global economy is driven by technology. At the heart of competitive technological development lies talent. As the world transitions to the digital economy, empowering women in technical fields will help unlock the full potential of the global talent pool. This will fuel sustainable economic growth and provide multiple benefits to society.

With STEMpowered Leadership as the theme, 2018 IEEE WIE ILS Toronto is aimed at engaging, encouraging, empowering, and inspiring women studying or working in STEM fields to become future leaders.

What Does Your Organization Provide?

Your contribution will assist the IEEE WIE in its mission to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in STEM disciplines. Specifically, in addition to supporting diversity and maximizing the potential of STEM organizations, you will be helping participants gain access to valuable personal development and professional networking opportunities. Your contributions will allow us to lower the registration fees and increase the quality of our event.

What Do We Provide?

In return, we offer a range of sponsorship benefits, including access to a rich source of enthusiastic future leaders specializing in STEM fields. As a partner, you will have a chance to meet with and recruit potential candidates for your organization from a pool of skilled and talented individuals. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to showcase your company and contribute to strengthening the ties between academia and industry.


The 2018 IEEE WIE ILS Toronto is expected to draw about 100 to 150 attendees from across Canada. The expected audience will include undergraduate and graduate students, entry- to senior-level industry professionals, faculty members from various universities, as well as the IEEE WIE leaders and volunteers from coast to coast.

In addition, we invite participants in the IEEE Canada Young Professionals and Student Branch Congresses, which are hosted in parallel, to join us for select sessions and all networking breaks, lunches and the Summit dinner. These Congresses are bringing together a group of 80 energetic and vibrant IEEE volunteers and young leaders from all over the country.

How Can Your Organization Support the 2018 IEEE WIE ILS Toronto?

Below you will find various sponsorship levels and benefit packages that reflect the extent to which your organization could potentially like to get involved. These benefits range from displaying your logo on the Summit’s digital platforms to having your organization represented by a promotional table in the exhibits space during the Summit. We also encourage your organization to nominate employees who are actively promoting diversity in STEM – both women and men - to become speakers at our Summit. See “How to become a speaker” section for more details.



Recognition as a Partner with respective level on all digital platforms

Logo and organization link on the Summit website

Banner posted in high-traffic area

Promotional table top in the exhibit space

Acknowledgment of Partner status during the Summit dinner (September 15th)

Inclusion of promotional items in Summit gift bags

Complementary registration for 2 days

Summit Dinner registration (September 15th)

Placement of promotional items on every table for the Summit dinner (September 15th)

IEEE WIE Appreciation Certificate

Dedicated time during Summit for presenting your Organization








Two (2) exhibit-only attendees







Four (4) exhibit-only attendees; Premium Location



Two (2)

Two (2)