9th November | 17:00~17:40

[Spotlight Talk]

What happens when women make technology revolutions

Lifestyles that change as technology develops and technologies for the future women will be introduced. She will also talk about the vision of technological revolutions that women should lead.



Emi Tamaki
Waseda University / H2L,Inc. 

Emi Tamaki is researching to interact haptic sensation and physical sensation between computer and human. Her goal is to share rich body experiences by facilitating information exchange between humans and computers. She received her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Informatics from the University of Tokyo in 2012. She also received President’s Award of the University of Tokyo. Her research and development of PossessedHand controls human hands from computers, which was selected as one of the 50 Best Inventions by TIME Magazine. In 2012, she co-founded H2L, Inc. H2L developed a product UnlimitedHand that is a version of PossessedHand for sales. UnlimitedHand allows users input and output their hand gestures to computers. At Tech Crunch SF 2016, a virtual reality controller, “UnlimitedHand” is published. On a Kickstarter that is a crowdfunding site, UnlimitedHand reached the campaign goal in only 22 hours. She was selected for 2016 WIRED Audi Innovation Award, Nikkei Business 100 people making next generation Award. She was appointed Ambassador to WINDS (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) 2017.She was appointed STEM Girls Ambassadors (Cabinet Office) 2018. New product “FirstVR” released in 2017, and sold since 2018..