9th November | 15:50~16:20

[Empowerment Track]

Rediscovering your talent – power of mentoring

Attracting and retaining more women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce will increase innovation and creativity leading to the full utilisation of the talents available. Every day products used both by women and men are designed by the scientists and engineers and imagine how a product created with the perspective of one gender can serve both the genders. The imbalance will lead to overlooking of the requirements of the other gender related to the product and will be the cause of the failure of the product market in a short time. To have a successful product, diverse workforce is an essential ingredient. But the drop out of women in their mid career has led to dearth of women in top management positions causing imbalance. The talk focuses on the importance of role models and mentorship to retain women workforce and to eliminate the imbalance on top.



Ramalatha Marimuthu
Professor /ECE, Kumaraguru College of Technology
Chair, IEEE Women in Engineering Committee 2011-2012
Board of Governors, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology 2017 -2019
Board of Governors, IEEE Computer Society 2019 – 2021

Dr Ramalatha Marimuthu has been in teaching for 32 years with a vast experience in motivating and training the students on skill development and peer networking through leadership training workshops, international competitions, conferences and congresses. She also guides the students in developing unique solutions for social problems like inclusiveness and accessibility in day to day life for people with special needs. She has received many awards from IEEE, Lions Club, Government of Tamilnadu, India and Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, California for effecting positive changes in community through technology.  She has delivered lectures on assistive technology in universities and conferences all over the world and in Google, Mountainview and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland. She has been invited to be on the World Bank Group for the South Asia Women in Power Sector Network initiative, WePOWER. Her areas of interest are assistive technology, women empowerment and effective education.