29 Jul

vTools.Events version 6.9 has been released – 25 June 2019

vTools Events v6.9 has been released – 25 June 2019

The following enhancements have been deployed:

  • Provide support for Other OUs – Standards Working Groups can create, manage events with registration and/or payments
  • Search by SPOID –  has been enhanced to provide the organization units using a vTools web service.   The list of organizations (Region, Section, Organizational unit) will include the specific organizational unit ID (ie. R10329)
  • Search – users can enter a specific organizational unit ID (ie. R10329) to find events
  • Events Terms and Conditions collection –  Volunteers can select to include/not include the collection of Event Terms and Conditions during the registration process.  By default every event with registration will include this page prior to completing the registration form. Upon consent the user will be presented with the registration form. Registration confirmations include notice of inclusion of events terms and conditions .
  • Total Amount – prior to payment, the registration form will indicate the total mount due for all registrations .
  • Registration – ReCAPTCHA has been disabled if the user has signed in.
  • Contact Staff option – users will have the ability to submit a contact form directly from vTools Events.   ReCAPTCHA is provided if the user is not authenticated.
  • Events has been upgraded to the next Ruby on Rails version