@Event – Enhanced on-site registration using a mobile/tablet device

@Event feature simplifies recording of IEEE event/meeting attendance for a single event  

Using a mobile/tablet, volunteers can add attendees, edit the attendee list, and download any attendee data collected for future analysis.

Volunteers will be required to sign-in in order to access @Event functionality.

  • If there are events that are occurring when volunteer signs in, an alert will be displayed with “@Event” option.
  • Click on the “@Event” option to access the @Event Home page for a single event.

@Event Key Functions:

  • View registrations
  • Add new registration
  • Check In – “Attended”
  • Update registration

View registrations

  • Current Guest List – view existing registrations made through mobile/web registration form
  • Filter by:
    •  Status – Registered, Attendee, Attendee(walk-in), Cancelled
    •  Payment Status – possible values depend on payment options set up (e.g. Paid, Pay at Meeting, Optional fee, No Registration Fee)
  • Options
    • Sign-in – updates existing registration status to “Attended”
    • Edit – opens an existing registration using the @Event registration form

Add New Registration

  • “Register” – click to add a new registration; a blank @Event registration form collects name, email address
  • Current Guest List is updated to include the new on-site registration
  • Status will be set to “Attended(walk-in)”

Check-In – “Attended”

  • Option – “Sign-in”
  • Click “Sign-in” to update existing registration. “Status” on Current Guest List will be set to “Attended”

Update registration

  • Option – “Edit” will open the @Event registration form
  • Updates came be made to name, email address, member number
  • @Event registration form includes a text box labeled @Event Notes to capture information on-site

Manage an Event dashboard

  • Registrants listing has been updated to include @Event “Status” information
  • @Event option is available on left navigation

Registrants page

  • List of registrations for a single event has been updated to include @Event “Status” information
  • Download registration list for a single event
    • Includes information collected through @Event option

      • “Walk-in” registrations
      • “Status” for existing registrations – “Attended”
      • Updated registration information
      • @Event Notes entered on-site
  • Email Statistics – email includes applicable “Status” and @Event Notes  for a single event