24 May

FluidSurveys Termination Notice


FluidSurveys has been purchased by SurveyMonkey and is terminating the product as of 27 June 2017.

We have tried to negotiate a new contract with SurveyMonkey, but they are unable to provide us with an acceptable pricing model.

What does this mean to you:

  • Do not create new surveys in FluidSurveys if results are needed after 26 June.
  • Export existing survey data if needed. Export instructions are available at http://site.ieee.org/vtools/export-data-from-fluidsurveys/
  • If possible, delay sending a new survey until a replacement product has been selected and implemented

All survey data will be deleted as of 27 June and unavailable to both volunteers and staff.

If you need to create a survey now, we recommend FourEyes: https://getfoureyes.com/. FourEyes is quite nice and has an interface similar to FluidSurveys. The free plan offers important features, such as branching and merge.

IEEE was one of the first customers of FluidSurveys and we have watched it develop into a great product. It will be missed.

This message has been sent to IEEE Region, Council, Section, Subsection, Chapter, Affinity Group and Student Branch volunteers.

Thank you for your attention.